Going For a Spin in Niterói

I really enjoyed the trip to Niterói with my classmates. It was an adventure travelling on different types of transport; especially the boat. The contemporary museum was interesting and we had delicious pizzas and beer to finish off a great day.

Rebecca Ryan, Ireland

Going For a Spin in Niterói. Foreign Portuguese student. looking out at the sea with the MAC behind.
Viking explorer looking for the Museum ;..D

Going for a spin in Niterói is always a great way to have a Portuguese class at a RioLIVE! activity. Right in the beginning of our trip we had a nice surprise: an artist playing his guitar inside the ferry that took us to Niterói. This time we had many students that didn’t know anything about the city of Niterói. Now they realize that it’s full of life and it’s a great place to inhabit for a few days, because it has many stunning beaches to visit, such as Rio de Janeiro. Would you like going for a spin in Niterói with us?

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Going For a Spin in Niterói. Street artist playing Alceu Valença at the ferry boat destination Niterói
Street artist playing Alceu Valença in the ferry


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