Good Friday in Brazil

17 de April de 2019

Hello amazing people! This week is a special week. Do you know why? Because tomorrow isΒ Good Friday in Brazil.

About the Holiday

There are two names for the Good Friday holiday in Brazil: Sexta-feira SantaΒ andΒ Sexta-feira da PaixΓ£o.Β On this date Catholics remember the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Because it’s a holiday, many stores don’t open and the schools cancel their activities too. The actual date of the Holiday is not fixed, it changes each year. Take a look at the dates of Good Friday in Brazil this year and in the future:

When is Good Friday in Brazil?

Days of the week Date Month Year
Friday 19 April 2019
Friday 10 April 2020
Friday 2 April 2021
Friday 15 April 2022
Friday 7 April 2023
Friday 29 March 2024
Friday 18 April 2025
Friday 3 April 2026
Friday 26 March 2027
Friday 14 April 2028
Friday 30 March 2029

How is good Friday celebrated in Brazil?

The celebration in Brazil begins on Domingo de Ramos and ends on Easter Sunday. If you are very religious it’s an every day celebration that Brazilians know as Semana Santa (Holy Week). However, the most important days are the Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Many catholic Brazilians fast this week. During the Good friday they don’t eat red meat and instead they eat fish, and if you want to follow this tradition, check our Dica of the best fish to eat.

In addition to that, it is very common that people go to church with their families and friends during the night to celebrate, to drink wine, and to eat bread in memory of the Last Supper. Finally, there are also plays you can watch around the country about the Passion of the Christ on this day.

So, with our DicaΒ you now understand more about Good Friday in Brazil and the Brazilian traditions. All of us fromΒ Rio & Learn hope you have a great holiday. Check out our Facebook page to see what we learned and did this week.

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