Great night

Great night

Great night.
Great night.

RioLIVE! escuela Mangueira fue muy entretenido, el grupo lo paso demasioado bien. Bailamos, cantamos y tomamos fotos con bailarines de la escuela. Una excelente experiencia mas. !!! Adoro  RioLIVE!

Paula Duran, Chile.

Students with Rainha de bateria.
Students with Rainha de bateria.

Last Saturday we had an amazing night at quadra da Mangueira. We left Rio & Learn and went to the traditional samba school to meet people, dance samba, drink beer and have fun. This great night gave us the opportunity to practice a lot of portuguese and interact with all the students. With the samba enredo that pays an homage to Maria Betânia, the samba school was very beautiful, and ready for the 2016 carnival, and our students tried very hard sing the song that Mangueira will present.

The singer Chico Buarque de Holanda was there, and that made the students very happy, because they already knew some of his songs , but had never seen him in person. At this point, the students asked many questions about Brazilian singers, as well as carnival itself. It was a great experience because the students had the chance to dance with the samba school dancers, and speak Portuguese with the cariocas we met there. It was an amazing night at Mangueira.
Come learn portuguese and have fun with our RioLIVE! Activities too!

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