Gringos at Arpoador

Gringos at Arpoador

Gringos at Arpoador with the sunset views
We were the funniest gringos at Arpoador 😉

Last Thursday we were the funniest gringos at Arpoador and we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset at Rio de Janeiro. Pedra do Arpoador is a huge rock between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches that has amazing views and where the sunset is so special that it gots everyday lots of public that applause once the sunset finish.

We started our day with a nice walking at the Calçadão of Copacabana Beach. After this sunny walking we went to Forte de Copacabana, an old army fort where we learned about Brazilian History and where we enjoyed beautiful views.

We leave very happy Forte de Copacabana and all the gringos went to Arpoador where we were walking around to try to discover where we had the best point to spot the views. We didn’t decided about the best one at the end, but we applause once the sun disappeared.

This time we were a group with students from USA, Canadá, Japan and Switzerland.

See our great pictures below!!!

20141025_215646 20141025_215704 20141025_215709 20141025_215715 20141025_220008 20141025_220244 20141025_220258 20141025_220807 20141025_220816 20141025_220835 20141030_155030 20141030_155449 20141030_155456 20141030_155647 20141030_155652 20141030_155800 20141030_185442 20141030_185514 Cpacabana Fort with Rio & Learn Daiki bomba 20141025_210411 20141025_210432 20141025_210438 20141025_210515 20141025_210605 20141025_211055 20141025_215154 20141025_215159

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