Gringos at Dois Irmãos

Gringos at Dois Irmãos

Gringos at Dois Irmãos.
Gringos at Dois Irmãos.

After class the students caught a bus from the bus station near the school to the bottom of vidigal, a neighbourhood in the south of Rio de Janiero. We walked through the narrow streets of vidigal to the start of the hike, enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way up. The hike was challenging but made the view at the top even more satisfying. For me it was the most impressive view of Rio de Janiero.

Stephen Spiteri, Australia.

Getting to know all of Rio de Janeiro is one of RioLIVE!‘s goals, so, yesterday we went hiking with our gringos at Dois Irmãos. To start, nothing better than walking through Vidigal favela, seeing Rio on many different aspects. The students asked many questions about the favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

SAM_0640 Rio & Learn SAM_0641 Rio & Learn

Soon after we got to the trail, and our hike started. Since some students walked faster than others, we split into two groups. Not even the heat could put us down, and we managed to finish the hike and enjoy the amazing view.

SAM_0642 Rio & Learn SAM_0643 Rio & Learn SAM_0644 Rio & Learn SAM_0645 Rio & Learn

At the top, we had the feeling that every drop of sweat was well worth it…the view is truly breathtaking. For some, the best in Rio de Janeiro. We took this time to practise our Portuguese talking about all the places we could see from up top. The day was beautiful and our pictures came out great! Certainly we will cherish this memory forever.

SAM_0646 Rio & Learn SAM_0649 Rio & Learn SAM_0655 Rio & Learn SAM_0656 Rio & Learn SAM_0658 Rio & Learn SAM_0660 Rio & Learn SAM_0661 Rio & Learn SAM_0663 Rio & Learn

Come see Rio & Learn and take part in ou RioLIVE! Activities! Besides Practising Portuguese, you will get to see Rio de Janeiro while having fun!

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