Gringos, Surf and Portuguese

Our students ready to enjoy.

Our students ready to enjoy.

El paseo por la playa de Copacabana fue bastante divertido. El paseo de Stand Up Paddle Surf fue bastante entretenido, muy duradero y también económico. Yo me divertí muchisimo. Yo volvería a ir.
Fidel Vargas, Venezuela
Let's surf!

Let’s surf!

Yesterday we went to practice some Stand Up Paddle at the Copacabana Beach. It was a perfect day for this sport as the sun was out and the ocean was very calm. We walked from the school all the way down to the end of the beach and while we were all walking we discussed about the street market along the beach and we had the chance to see the construction of the new Museum of Image and Sound that is being constructed in front of the Beach.
When we arrived at the spot and there was the friendly instructor Douglas waiting for us. He taught us in Portuguese and there was no questions to asked because all of the students could understand it quite easily and at the end it was a great way to see in practice the use of some verbs in Portuguese. Ster the instruction it was about time for all of us to get in the water and actually do the stand up paddle surf.
When we went far from the send we all was truck by the amazing view from the ocean to the Copacabana bay, the buildings in the front and the green mountains behind. There can’t be a better place in town to refresh, practice Portuguese and enjoy the view that in the middle of the Copacabana bay.
If you want to learn Portuguese and have fun at same time, come and join us in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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