Halloween in Brazil

example of brazilian halloween and costumes in Portuguese: Qual fantasia você escolheria para um Halloween no Brasil?

Halloween, a holiday with its roots firmly planted in Celtic traditions, has become a worldwide phenomenon. While it’s celebrated with great enthusiasm in countries like the United States and Canada, it’s not just limited to these regions. Halloween in Brazil has gained popularity over the years, but there’s a unique twist – it coincides with the celebration of Saci Perere Day. But, how does Brazil celebrate halloween? Let’s learn not only about this, but also the most common ways to celebrate Halloween in Rio de Janeiro, which are the most common Brazilian costumes, how to pronounce halloween in Portuguese and much more!

Brazilian Halloween and Saci Perere Day

In Brazil, Halloween isn’t just about dressing up in scary costumes and trick-or-treating; it’s also the day of Saci Perere, a beloved character from Brazilian folklore. Saci Perere is a mischievous one-legged creature who wears a red cap and enjoys causing all sorts of playful havoc. His popularity in Brazilian culture has led to the celebration of Saci Perere Day on October 31st, coinciding with Halloween.

Halloween in Portuguese

But, how do we pronounce Halloween in Portuguese? Well, we have a few different ways to call this day, one being Halloween itself. But you will also find people calling it “Dia das Bruxas”. Take a look below and repeat after us! (Yes, we pronounce Halloween in our own manner, hahaha!).

Dia das BruxasWitches’ Day
Dia do Saci PererêSaci Perere Day

Ideas for Brazilian Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween in Brazil, the costumes are as diverse as the country itself. Brazilians love to get creative and often blend traditional Halloween themes with local elements. Here are some of the most popular costume ideas we can give you! These will work amazingly when you come study Portuguese with us and have a Halloween party to attend!

example of brazilian halloween costume: woman dressed as a zombie carnival dancer.
Zombie Carnival Dancer.
example of brazilian halloween costume: woman dressed in a samba skeleton costume!
Samba Skeleton.

Zombie Carnival Dancer: A fusion of the lively Brazilian carnival spirit and the macabre world of zombies. This costume features vibrant, colorful clothing paired with zombie makeup, creating a truly unique look.

Samba Skeleton: Samba is a significant part of Brazilian culture, and during Halloween, it’s not uncommon to see costumes that incorporate the energy of samba with a spooky twist. Think vibrant costumes with skeleton makeup.

costume for saci pererê
Saci Pererê.
witch doctor costume, with indigenous characteristics.
Witch Doctor.

Saci Perere: As the day is dedicated to the legendary character, dressing up as Saci Perere is a common choice. You can mimic his iconic one-legged appearance with a hopping prosthetic and don his red cap.

Witch Doctor: Embracing the mystical side of Brazilian culture, you can include tribal accessories, face paint, and costumes inspired by indigenous traditions.

Celebrating Halloween in Brazil

example of how to celebrate halloween with brazilian costumes: Você usaria uma fantasia de grupo com seus amigos?

Halloween in Brazil is a festive occasion, much like other major celebrations in the country. But, you must be wondering, how does Brazil celebrate halloween? Well, not very similarly to other countries. Trick-or-Treating is not as widespread, since we already have our own event for candy giving, Saint Cosmas and Damian Day. The same with pumpkin carving, we much rather eat it, trust me, hahaha! But what do we do, then? Well, the main focus is the costume parties! Costume parties are the heart of Halloween in Brazil. Friends and family gather to celebrate with food, drinks, and lively music. And you already know how lively music in Brazil can be right? 😉

Halloween in Rio de Janeiro

If you are in Rio de Janeiro learning Portuguese, you might be looking for some place to celebrate Halloween! And it’s not a very difficult task, since we love to party! Most people choose between two options: private parties held by friends and family, or clubs and pubs which offer Halloween parties. Even high end places, such as the Copacabana Palace, offer parties which you can buy tickets to! You can find these tickets at sites like Sympla and Ingresse!

Halloween in Brazil is a fascinating blend of international and local traditions. With its unique combination of spooky costumes, spirited celebrations, and the homage to Saci Perere, it’s a holiday that showcases the vibrant and diverse culture of this South American nation. As the popularity of Halloween continues to grow in Brazil, we can expect even more exciting and creative celebrations in the years to come. So, whether you’re a visitor or a local, Halloween in Brazil promises a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

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