Happy Samba

Happy Samba

Our great samba dancers!
Our great samba dancers!

Aujourd´hui nous avons fait un cours de ´samba´ qui était très ´legal´! Notre prof, qui s´appelait Castro, était sympatique et savait dancer très bien. Il nous a enseigné comment de faire les mouvements de base dans une heure et nous nous sommes bien amusés pendant le cours. Une expérience à essayer avec RioLIVE!

Sami Ergin, Switzerland.

Happy Samba. That was the name of our RioLIVE! at this time. Our Portuguese students had the chance to attend to a lively and happy samba class at Rio & Learn. Samba is one of the most popular musical rhythms around the world and a Brazilian landmark.

Our students from Chile, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands had the chance to know and practice this amazing class. The instructor started in a very smooth way, teaching the students the movements and the techniques step by step, and with each movement, they were getting comfortable and acquainted with the happy samba class. Basic steps with their feet, with their hands and even with their heads were shaping up moment after moment.

In the end, in order to practice what they had just learned, nothing better than a traditional Roda de Samba! In a circle and in pairs, the students could show their samba skills and also train for the next samba party in Rio de Janeiro. We are totally sure that they loved this experience and will want some more. Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

SAM_9823 Rio & Learn SAM_9824 Rio & Learn SAM_9825 Rio & Learn SAM_9826 SAM_9830 SAM_9831 SAM_9832 Rio & Learn

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