The heartland of Rio’s nightlife

The heartland of Rio's nightlife.
The heartland of Rio's nightlife.
The heartland of Rio’s nightlife.

Am Freitag hatten wir eine verrueckte Nacht in Lapa. Zuerst haben wir uns die  bruehmten Treppen escadaria angeschaut und die Kacheln aus aller Welt bewundert. Im Anschluss haben wir verschiedene Sorten Cachaça zu typisch brasilianischer Sambamusik probiert.Danach hat uns der ¨Koenig der Caiprinhas¨ in seine geheimen Kuenste eingeweiht. Jeder hat sich sein Lieblingscaipirinha zubereitet und gut gestaerkt ging es dann in einen kleinen Club, in dem wir die Nacht zu brasilianischer Elektromusik gefeiert haben.

Jonas Rieken, Germany

Stopping by Arcos da Lapa.
Stopping by Arcos da Lapa.

If you feel like having a blast on a Friday night, the best choice will always be Lapa. It’s the heartland of Rio’s night. We started our evening visiting Selarón steps, which draws visitors from all over the world to see his art. Then we set out to see some of the bars located along the streets of the gentrified neighborhood. Last but not least, our famous Caipirinhas workshop where our students learn how to make the best drinks in town. We had a ball… and you can join us too on our RioLIVE! Friday night in Lapa.

That's how you make some killin' caipirinhas.
That’s how you make some killin’ caipirinhas.


With caipirinhas in hand now the fun can continue.
With caipirinhas in hand now the fun can continue.

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