High heat in Copacabana

High heat in Copacabana

High heat in Copacabana.
High heat in Copacabana.

Stand-up Paddle war geil. Wir sind bis zum Ende des Forte Coppacabana rausgepaddelt. Dort hat man vom Meer aus einen tollen Blick auf Christo, Zuckerhut und Dos Irmaos. Absolut zu empfehlen 🙂

Sebastian Koenig, Germany.

Yesterday we had a high heat in Copacabana. So we went to the beach to have a stand up paddle class and to enjoy the sun with a different view from Copacabana beach. Our students were excited with the possibility of having a new experience in the sea of Copacabana. It was the first time to all of us, so the RioLIVE! started with a small explanation of the steps and procedures of the sport.

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We split into two teams, one went to the sea and the other stayed on the sand taking pictures and having some beer. In the end we gathered on the sand to speak Portuguese and tell funny stories. It was amazing to have this moment feeling the intense sun in Copacabana.

sam_4026-rio-learn sam_4027-rio-learn sam_4042-rio-learn sam_4043-rio-learn sam_4044-rio-learn sam_4045-rio-learn

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