Hiking and Cycling

Hiking and Cycling

Having fun at Parque das Catacumbas.
Our Portuguese students ready to explore nature!

Our excursion to Lagoa was really nice! First we hiked a short trail up a hill to see some beautiful views of the lake, then we rented bikes and road around the lake. The group was a fun mix of people from all over the world and we all communicated in Portuguese.

Carissa Elenbass, United States.

Rio & learn at Parque das Catacumbas.

Hiking and Cycling. That was our RioLIVE! at this time, our Portuguese students had the opportunity of practicing these activities in one of the most beautiful places in Rio de Janeiro, the neighborhood of Lagoa. Lagoa is a very famous place in Rio, many people look foward to live there, it is a very ecological place with some green areas and it also shelters a lagoon that receives the same name, but its official name is Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

Our students from Argentina, Mexico, United States, England, Ecuador, Japan and Ireland took this trip with us to do some hiking and cycling at Lagoa. We started our RioLIVE! at Parque das Catacumbas, a natural city park where people can be in contact with nature. Our students started exploring the place with some hiking and with each step, they were getting more and more amazed with the views that they were getting, in the end, at the top of the  trail, they had one of the most beautiful views of the city so far, a nice view from the whole neighborhood of Lagoa and also of some parts of Rio de Janeiro.

Then, we continued our RioLIVE! at the lagoon at this time, we rented some bikes and rode around Lagoa, with each pedaling, the students were even happier for being in contact with this amazing and beautiful place, they rode the whole lagoon, but the place was so beautiful that they even weren’t tired. We finished our RioLIVE! walking around  Lagoa towards Copacabana having a nice conversation in Portuguese and talking about this amazing experience of hiking and cycling. And you? Do you want to study Portuguese, have fun and meet amazing places in Rio?! Come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.











And now you can see how our ride around the lagoon was:

Portuguese at lagoa.
We are ready to ride! 🙂





Portuguese at Lagoa.
Our Portuguese students taking beautiful pictures with this beautiful scenario.

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