Hiking in Rio de Janeiro

23 de February de 2016

Hello people! How are you? Today our Dica is about Hiking in Rio de Janeiro.

Best places to go Hiking in Rio de Janeiro

If you love nature and exercise, you’ll definitely like the list we’ve got for you! Prepare to learn more about the best places to go hiking in Rio de Janeiro.

Transcarioca Trail

The Transcarioca Trail is simply the longest hiking track in the Marvelous City. It goes from Urca in the South Zone of Rio until Barra de Guaratiba in the West Zone. There are many other hiking tracks that join the Transcarioca, which means you can start at different spots along the way if you want to. It’s a 180 km route and it takes approximately three days to complete it. Have a look:

Hiking in Rio de janeiro at the Transcarioca Trail.

Some of the points in the Transcarioca Trail you will find on our RioLIVE! activities. Here they are.

Floresta da Tijuca

Did you know that theย Tijuca Forest is the largest urban forest in the world? The park was created in 1961 and it is very very very big! A lot of incredible places are located inside the park as well as the Cristo Redentor and the famous Pedra da Gรกvea.

At the top of the Gigantic Tijuca Forest.

Of course there are many different hiking opportunities inside this huge forest. Some are easy to do and others are very difficult. Choose the ones you can do:

  • Pico da Tijuca (medium)
  • Tijuca Mirim (medium)
  • Bico do Papagaio (hard)
  • Mirante da Cascatinha (easy)

Dois Irmรฃos

Dois Irmรฃos Mountain is located in the South Zone of Rio, between the favela of Vidigal and Rocinha. Besides getting to enter a favela and see the place with your own eyes, when you reach the top of the mountain you also have an amazing view of Rio.

A Hot and Perfect Day.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

You probably know many things about Sugar Loaf, right? But did you know that there are two mountains? The biggest one is the famous Sugar Loaf and the smaller one is called Morro da Urca. This is an incredible trail to start hiking in Rio de Janeiro, go up Morro de Urca via the Claudio Coutinho trail.

Stunned at The Sugar Loaf!

Pedra do Telรฉgrafo

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro is not all about the Sugar Loaf and Tijuca Forest. Want to know a place that maybe most tourist don’t know? Visit Pedra do Telรฉgrafo! The hike is amazing and is totally worth the effort, the view is spectacular. There you will get a chance to take a pretty cool picture, that is in fact an optical illusion!

Other places to go hiking in Rio de Janeiro

  1. Pedra Bonita
  2. Cachoeira do Horto
  3. Pedra do Elefante
  4. Costรฃo de Itacoatiara
  5. Pedra da Gรกvea
  6. Praia do Perigoso

Are you now excited about going hiking? This is a list of what you need before going. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on:


Roupas Leves Light clothes
Camiseta Athletic shirt
Bermuda Shorts
Tรชnis Running Shoes
รgua Water
Toalha Towel
Comida Food
Protetor Solar Sunscreen
Mochila Backpack

Now you can go Hiking in Rio de Janeiro, but preferably come with us from Rio & Learn.
Seriously though, is there a better way of studying Portuguese in Brazil than enjoying these wonderful places?ย Check out our latest pictures at our Instagram and enjoy them with us.
Bye bye!

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