Hiking to Pico da Tijuca

Excursión al Pico de Tijuca, ¡lo conseguimos!

Escursione nella meravigliosa foresta da Tijuca!!. mi e piaciuta molto il percorso all`interno della foresta e la vista e i paesaggi sono incredibil! ..una bellissima escursione  accompagnata da un ottimo staff! 😉 raccomando!

Elisa Michelini, Italy

First stop was at Vista Chinesa. A bit cloudy but still beautiful.
First stop was at Vista Chinesa. A bit cloudy but still beautiful 😉

Last Sunday we explored Tijuca Forest with our students at the RioLIVE! Weekend. It’s was a cloudy morning but a wonderful sunny afternoon. We enjoyed amazing views, a cozy waterfall and spoke a lot of Portuguese, and this was only half of the activity.

After a delicious break for the picnic we kept hiking to Pico da Tijuca, where we had the most incredible view of Rio de Janeiro. Wanna know how it was? Take a look at the photos in our Facebook page.

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Keep smiling, keep hiking!
Keep smiling, keep hiking!

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