History at Pedra do Sal

History at Pedra do Sal

History at Pedra do Sal.
History at Pedra do Sal.

Excelente fiesta carioca en pedra do sal.Mucha samba y caipirinhas en un lugar tradicional de rio de janeiro, parchado para aprender los dichos de la rua!

Martin Vieira, Colombia.

Last Friday the students had a lot of history at Pedra do Sal. Located at the center of Rio, the region was completely revitalized for the Olympic Games and it’s now an incredible place and really beautiful to visit. The beginning of our RioLIVE! was a VLT ride to Boulevard Olímpico.

SAM_1790 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1791 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1792 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1793 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1794 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn

Arriving to Pedra do Sal we started practicing our Portuguese talking about the histry of the place. Students were surprised to know that the place was a historical and religious monument and, at the same time, the perfect place for Samba lovers. The graphited streets bring a charming look to the place. We took the moment to make lotos of photos.

SAM_1797 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1799 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1800 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1801 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1812 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn SAM_1814 Rio _ Learn Rio & Learn

Our night could not go on without many caipirinhas and samba on the foot. Those who didn’t want to dance samba could sit at the stairway and have a complete view of the samba jamming session. It was a really amazing night.

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Come meet Rio & Learn and participate on our RioLIVE! Activities. You’ll practice Portuguese while you have fun!

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