History at Santa Teresa

8 de September de 2015

History at Santa Teresa

Beautiful view at Parque das RuΓ­nas.
Beautiful view at Parque das RuΓ­nas.

On friday I went to Santa Teresa with RioLIVE!. To start we arrived in Lapa and briefly explored the area and then began the climb and cool tram ride to the Historical House of Santa Teresa, perched on a hill with fantastic views of the Rio. After exploring the house we ventured to a nearby famous Hotel, also with amazing views of the city after grabbing drinks at a local bar.Β  Our guide from Rio & Learn was an awesome guide and gave us all lots of information about the areas we explored but also made the trip really fun. It was great to finish a cool day by grabbing a beer with him at a local bar.
David Conomy, Australia.

Portuguese students walking at Santa Teresa.
Walking at Santa Teresa.

What a great afternoon to stroll in the historic district of Santa Teresa.Β The Rio de Janeiro with rain can also be very interesting. On that rainy afternoon we went with our students to the historic, artistic and bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa to find out more about their stories and to have a great time.
The tour started when we took the Metro from Copacabana to Gloria and walked to where we take the bus to go up to Santa. In this way we have sighted something very interesting, a sort of art gallery where they have a grand sculpture of an ant carrying an old Beetle car – this art of an unknown local artist enchanted us. After this brief stop we climbed the neighborhood hillsides to arrive at ourΒ secondΒ stop, the Museum Parque das Ruinas –Β There we took many pictures because we can see the whole Rio’s landscape with its mountains, forests and cities features. After many photos and a lot of conversation the group walked to see the famous bars of the area. We passed by the famous AdegaΒ do Pimenta just to take a look because it was the Bar do Mineiro that we stopped to chat in Portuguese and to have a drink – this bar is a meeting point of the artists in the neighborhood and where we saw many works of art artists given to the bar – very cultural!
Β After a short break we continue to explore the coolest places and ended up going to the Hotel Santa Teresa where has the Bar dos Descasados and TΓ©rΓ¨ze Restaurant – which is amazing to see how a colonial house can be transformed into a boutique hotel so charming and sophisticated.
We left knowing more stories of the famous starts who have stayed there, like Amy Winehouse and Snoop Dog who worshiped the neighborhood.
The end of this afternoon could not be anywhere else but in the Bar Gomes, a very well preserved bar like the old times – where we even had aΒ SAIDEIRA (word we learned in practice) and we see the lives of neighborhood residents passing calmly before us.
I invite you to participate in our activities as well as to meet this very different part of our town. When Rio is not for the beach, Santa Teresa and its bars are a great entertainment option.
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