History can be fun!

Palácio do Catete no Rio de Janeiro.

Visiting Catete Park and Palace was a remarkable experience where we were able to see a little bit of Brazilian history. This palace was built by aristocrats and eventually became the home to several Brazilian presidents before becoming a National museum. The XIX century architecture and the well kept grounds were a delight to observe and enjoy and I also got to hang out in a nice park nearby where I could relax and enjoy the pretty palace views.

Abdiel Rosado, United States

Conhecendo o Parque do Catete - RJ

Lots of people think that history is boring, but it can be fun with RioLIVE! We proved this by visiting Parque and Palácio do Catete with RioLIVE! During our visit, we both visited the historical palace where Brazilian presidents used to live and strolled around the park outside. We laughed, practiced our Portuguese and found out that history can be fun! 

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