History in Catete

History in Catete

History in Catete. Students learning a little bit more about Rio's history in a lovely and beautiful place.
History in Catete. Students learning a little bit more about Rio’s history.

Für alle, die mehr über die Geschichte Brasliens wissen möchten, ist der Catete Palast ein Muss. Der ehemalige Präsidentenpalast aus dem 18. Jahrhundert im neoklassischen Stil im Stadtteil Catete gewährt Einblicke in das Leben und die Arbeit eines Präsidenten sowie deren Wohn und Arbeitsräume. Der Palast ist umgeben von einem wunderschönen Park der zu einem kurzen Spaziergang einlädt.

Manuela Maier, Germany.

Yesterday in our RioLIVE! activity we had a lot of history in Catete. Our RioLIVE! began in Parque do Catete, a beautiful and great place to relax. We enjoyed the tranquility of the place to talk about the history of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Each student had to tell what they knew about the history of the Marvelous City. It was a great way to practice Portuguese.
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After we walk through the park we went to the Palace, the presidential house when Rio was the capital of Brazil. In addition to it, the site has very interesting stories, like the suicide committed by the President Getulio Vargas. The Palácio do Catete architecture also draws a lot of attention. The palace is really beautiful and know the history in Catete was very interesting for our students.
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It was a great afternoon in the Marvelous City. Come have fun with Rio & Learn and our RioLIVE! activities!

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