History, Nature and Portuguese

History, Nature and Portuguese

Portuguese students at the museum
Our Portuguese students enjoying the visit.

La visita al palacio Catete fue muy buena. No llegué a conocer algo de la historia de la república brasileña y sus presidentes. La arquitectura del lugar es muy bonito, un muy buen partido también se puede obtener toda la información dada por Diogo, más allá de nuestra profesora de portugués que también ha demostrado ser un gran guía.

Carlos Guevara, Venezuela.

Portuguese students at museu da república.
Inside the museum.

Can you combine History, Nature and Portuguese at the same time? Well, at Rio & Learn you can do it. And that was our RioLIVE! at this time, our Portuguese students visited a very important place for the political history of Rio de janeiro, Palácio do Catete. Brasília is the Brazilian capital now, but it used to be Rio de Janeiro and Palácio do Catete was the official residence of the president.

Located at Catete, the Palace nowadays shelters a very nice and rich museum where people can find information about the Brazilian republican history. Our students from Colombia, Germany, Austria, China, Venezuela and New Zealand had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. We started our tour going through the rooms inside the palace, each different room had a different description about the republic, since its start with Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, passing by Getúlio Vargas and also the Military Dictatorship. The students really liked the history and also the details of the architecture of the place.

After visiting the museum we finished our visit taking a walk at the park that is located inside the palace area, it used the president’s official garden, but it is now a very beautiful park where people can walk, read, make exercise and do many different outdoor activities. What are you waiting for? Come to Rio to study Portuguese with us and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

Our Austrian student teaching how to dance the waltz at the Palace’s ballroom.
Meeting the park.







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