History of the Botanical Garden

History of the Botanical Garden

Portugue language Studentes at Botanical garden
Portugue language Studentes at Botanical garden

I had an amazing time at the Botanical Garden. All of the students at Rio & Learn are so nice! Rodrigo was a great tour guide and we learned all about the history of the gardens. I would recommend Rio & Learn to anyone. It has made my time in Rio unforgettable!

Laura Frasier, United States.

 Students learning History of the Botanical Garden.
History of the Botanical Garden.

Last Monday we spent our afternoon getting to know the history of the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro. We started our RioLIVE! Activity gathering at the school. We were supposed to meet at 14:30h, but only one student was there, and we thought it would be a private tour, but we forgot our students are really becoming true cariocas and were fashionably late! We headed to the bus stop and took our bus to the garden. Arriving at the garden we took a picture at the entrance, right under the welcoming banner that stood behind us. We bought a couple of water bottles to quench our thirst and went in.

Our Portuguese language students were really excited getting to know the Botanical Garden, since it is one of the biggest in the world and one of the main spots to visit in town. The entrance is quite imposing, with the giant imperial palm trees and the centenary mango trees. We decided to start our tour following Darwin’s footsteps. The garden has a path called “Os caminhos de Darwin”, which is where he walked when visiting the garden. Right at the beginning we could see the tree that gave the name to this country, the Pau Brasil, which is a beautiful tree with an amber red color on the inside, that was used to make red dye in Europe. The garden is filled with beautiful monuments dedicated to the Portuguese royal family, when they arrived, and the garden’s botanical directors.

The students were asking many questions about the history of Brazil, the fauna and flora of the garden, and of course, what to do during the weekend in Rio =). One of the highlights of this RioLIVE! Activity were the little monkeys that came to greet us. The students went crazy over them, but what they enjoyed the most was to see the tree where Açaí comes from…and better yet, one of our students picked some of the Açaí berries and we could taste what the fruit actually tastes like! It was awesome, minus the purple color the berries left on our lips. Our Portuguese language students were from England, Holland, United States, Colombia, Belgium and Germany, and they were all equally amazed with the place!

If you want to enjoy the city, meet new people and practice Portuguese, Rio & Learn is the place to be!

Come have fun and see the nature with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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