History with RioLIVE!

History with RioLIVE!

Our Portuguese students visiting Candelária's Church.
Portuguese students at Candelária.


History with RioLIVE! That was our RioLIVE! at this time, the Portuguese students of Rio & Learn had the opportunity to know one of the most interesting parts of Rio de Janeiro, The Historical Center of the city. A very nice place to study about the history of the city and see a beautiful mix of modern and old, since there are many old buildings along with modern ones side by side.

Our students from England, United States, Canada, Germany and Norway, took part in this trip to know Rio a little better. We started our trip at Igreja da Candelária (Candelária’s Church), a very big, old and traditional church in Rio de Janeiro where many people go to visit and also make their prayers. The interesting thing about this place is that it was first built not to be a church for the people, but to be a kind of militar fortress in disguise to protect the city coast against enemies’ invasions, this place is also famous because many people used to do protests against the militar dictatorship and asking for free elections, we continued our visit at CCBB (Central Cultural Banco do Brasil) where there are many nice exhibitions, they continued walking through the city streets and our students were very amazed with the beauty of so many preserved old buildings around the place. After walking a little bit more and meeting Arco do Teles (a very important place that belonged to a very important family in Rio and where it was very traditional to make business in the city) we finally got at Paço Imperial, a place that combines with Rio’s and the country’s history. This is the place of two very important facts, Dia do Fico, where the emperor D Pedro I refused to come back to Portugal and decided to remain in Brazil, and also The Slavery Abolishment, when the Princess Isabel signed Lei Áurea ending completely the slavery in Brazil.

We finished our visit at Cinelândia where students could see a bit more of historical buildings, such as Teatro Municipal, a very important place that receives great plays and events. In the end our Portuguese students were really happy with one more RioLIVE! and felt really surprised with the beauty that the center of Rio can offer. What about you? What are you waiting for to study Portuguese and join in our RioLIVE! Activities?









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Having fun with Rio & Learn and RioLIVE!





Arco do teles.
Teatro Municipal and RioLIVE!


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