Holiday in Portuguese

24 de September de 2013

What’s up everyone, how is it going? In today’s Dica we will learn about taking a holiday in Portuguese and study with a dialogue about holidaying in Brazil. Let’s go?

How to go on holiday in Portuguese

Students wearing costumes for Carnival in Rio at their holiday in Portuguese.

Do you know how to say holiday in Portuguese? The word for that is FÉRIAS. What a nice word, right?

Planning to travel in your holidays or vacation? You already know that coming to Brazil is a great idea! Today we’ll help you to take a holiday in Portuguese and learn a lot while you travel and discover the world! Check out the options we offer you depending on how long you plan to stay! And of course… If you come to Brazil you MUST come to Rio de Janeiro! But you already know this, right?

Sabbatical year

Students at Escadaria Selarón in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.

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Besides getting your student visa, you’ll study Portuguese in a group class and get to know a lot of other students from different countries and culture. It’s an amazing experience!

Quick vacation

Students at Morro Dois Irmãos.

If you don’t have that much time, don’t worry, we have amazing options for you too! You can enjoy your time in Brasil and learn Portuguese no matter how long you are staying. If you have just a few weeks or a month to travel, an excellent option would be to get our Rio & Immersion classes. That way you can transform your little time in a big opportunity to learn. With our immersion classes you’ll learn a lot even if you stay just a couple of weeks in Rio. You can also come to our Rio & Learn inGroup classes to interact with other students.

The choice is yours! It just depends on your goals and preferences.

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Dialogue about taking a holiday in Portuguese

Jonas: Olá, Edward! Tudo bem?
Edward: E aí, Jonas! Tudo ótimo, cara!
Jonas:  Quando você vai ter suas férias?
Edward: Vou ter minhas férias em Dezembro. E você, Jonas?
Jonas: Vou ter minhas férias em dezembro também. Você já se decidiu sobre o que vai fazer?
Edward: Já, sim. Vou viajar. E você?
Jonas: Vou viajar também.
Edward: Ah!, que legal! E para onde você vai, Jonas?
Jonas: Vou viajar para Portugal. Quero aprender um pouco de português e depois viajar para o Brasil. E você, Edward? O que vai fazer?
Edward: Também vou passar férias no Brasil. Vou viajar para o Rio de Janeiro. Quero ver a queima de fogos na noite de Ano Novo, na praia de Copacabana. Já até me matriculei em uma escola de Português para estrangeiros.
Jonas: Sério, Edward? Qual é o nome da escola?
Edward: O nome da escola é Rio & Learn. Estou muito empolgado para começar as minhas aulas de português.
Jonas: Muito bacana! Quero muito ver a queima de fogos na praia de Copacabana também. Ouvi dizer que, na noite de Ano Novo, as pessoas no Rio de Janeiro usam branco, cantam, dançam e oferecem flores e perfume para Iemanjá, a rainha do mar; eles colocam tudo na água.
Edward: Sim. Eu sei disso também. Quero muito ver isso de perto, Jonas.
Jonas: Quer saber? Estou com um pouco de inveja de você. Acho que vou viajar com você para o Rio de Janeiro. O que você acha, Edward?
Edward: Muito bom, Jonas. Assim, podemos estudar português juntos. Vamos fazer contato com a escola para fazer sua reserva.
Jonas: Vamos!

Translation of the dialogue

Jonas: Hi Edward! How are you?
Edward: Hey Jonas! Everything is great, man!
Jonas: When will you have your vacation?
Edward: I’ll have mine in December, what about you, Jonas?
Jonas: My vacation is in December as well. Have you decided what you are going to do?
Edward: Yes I have! I am travelling, what about you?
Jonas: I am travelling as well.
Edward: Oh! That’s awesome! And where are you going, Jonas?
Jonas: I am going to Portugal. I want to learn a bit of Portuguese, and after that travel to Brazil. What about you, Edward? What are you going to do?
Edward: I’m also going to spend my vacation in BrazilI am going to Rio de Janeiro. I want to see the fireworks at the new year celebration, on Copacabana beach. I even enrolled at a Portuguese school for foreigners.
Jonas: Really, Edward? What’s the name of the school?
Edward: The school is called Rio&Learn. I am very excited to start my Portuguese classes.
Jonas: That’s great! I also want to see the fireworks at Copacabana. I heard that, on New Year’s Eve, people in Rio de Janeiro wear all white, sing, dance and offer flowers and perfume to Iemanjá, the queen of the sea; They put all the gifts in the water.
Edward: Yes, I’ve heard that too. I really want to see it up close, Jonas.
Jonas: You know what? I’m a bit envious of you…so I’m thinking of joining you on your trip to Rio de Janeiro. What do you think, Edward?
Edward: That’s sweet, Jonas. This way we can study Portuguese together. Let’s contact the school to sign you up too man!
Jonas: Let’s do it!

So, do you think Jonas and Edward are going to have fun here?


Quando When
Férias Vacation / Holiday
Dezembro December
Também Too/ also
Decidir To decide
Que legal That’s nice!
Viajar To travel
Onde Where
Aprender To learn
Queima de fogos Firework display
Praia de Copacabana Copacabana beach
Matricular To enroll
Empolgado Excited
Começar To start
Aulas de português Portuguese classes
Ouvir To hear
Cantar To sing
Dançar To dance
Mar Sea
Reserva Reservation
Let’s go!

If you want to learn more about traveling, check out this dica about Portuguese for travelers!

Come spend your vacation in Brazil! We are waiting for you!

Students at Praia Vermelha in Urca enjoying their holiday in Portuguese.

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