Holy Feijoada

Ocho estudiantes en la estación de tranvia de Santa Teresa.

La experiencia de conocer el barrio de Santa Teresa es imprescindible, no solo porque es bonito, sino porque su energía es increíble. Ir con la Río & Learn es divertido, pero lo más importante es que te permite vivir el idioma de verdad, solo hay que querer… Sin duda una experiencia para repetir!

Yesmariana Fernández, Venezuela


Internal view of the tram to Santa Teresa. Largo dos Guimarães.
Arriving at Largo dos Guimarães by tram


What a great way to end a perfect week of Portuguese classes! Holy Feijoada ! Our RioLIVE! Activity was about having lunch at Santa Teresa and then strolling around the neighborhood.

– “Is that pork? Oh, boy.. I’m a vegetarian..” No problem! There’s also a vegetarian feijoada for those who can’t eat meat. This was our way to welcome two new students that were with us for their first time. Thanks guys!

It was through the Holy Feijoada that we enjoyed the afternoon together among friends, like in Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting, only the bread was the Holy Feijoada and the wine was cold Original beer.


Holy Feijoada. Friends serving feijoada at bar do Mineiro, Santa Teresa.
Brotherly Love attained through the Holy Feijoada


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Seven friends smiling at Largo do Curvelo, Santa Teresa.
Class under the unique lighting of Santa Teresa’s afternoon.

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