Time in Portuguese

9 de October de 2014

Hey there, guys! Do you know how to ask or how to tell the time in Portuguese? So it is time for us to learn!

There are many different ways to say the time. In Portuguese, for example, we always use the verb ser (to be) to say the time, let’s some examples:

Time in Portuguese

Por favor, que horas são?
Please, what time is it?

São duas e quinze. (14:15)
It’s two fifteen (2:15 pm)

Que horas são agora?
Agora são cinco e quarenta e cinco. (17:45)

What time is it now?
It’s five forty five. (5:45 pm)

If you want to say midday (12:00 pm) or midnight (0:00 am), there also different ways of saying it. Take a look:


Com licença! Tem horas?
Excuse-me! Do you have the time?

É meio-dia.
It’s midday. (12:00 pm)

A que horas você chegou em casa ontem?
What time did you get home yesterday?

Mais ou menos meia-noite.
About midnight. (0:00 am)

When people want to say the specific time, they use the expression em ponto (o’clock) or they complete with the word horas.


Por favor, pode me informar as horas?
Please, could you tell me what it is?

Claro! São seis horas em ponto.
Of course! It’s six o´clock

A que horas começam as aulas na Rio & Learn?
What time the classes start at Rio & Learn?

As aulas começam às nove horas.
The classes start at nine o´clock.

The period of time (morning, afternoon and evening/night) is specified according to the context, people don’t use am/pm, but they use the expressions da manhã, da tarde, and da noite. Also the time at the 24h form.


Minha aula começa às oito da manhã.
My class starts at 8 am.

Paula chegou em casa às quatro da tarde no sábado.
Paula arrived at home at 4 pm on Saturday.

Seu ônibus vai partir às 23 horas.
Your bus will leave at 11 pm.

Another way of saying the time in Portuguese is when there are few minutes to be a specific time. When it is half past time, in Portuguese, we say meia.


A que horas vai ser a RioLIVE! de hoje?
What time is the RioLIVE! going to be today?

A RioLIVE! de hoje vai começar às quinze para as três. (14:45)
The RioLIVE! is going to be at a quarter to threre. (2:45 pm)

A que horas o avião vai partir do Rio de Janeiro?
What time does the plane leave Rio de Janeiro?

O avião vai partir às dez para a meia-noite. (23:50)
The plane leaves at ten to midnight. (11:50 pm)

Você sabe a que horas vai começar o show?
Do you know when the concert starts?

Vai começar às dez e meia. (22:30)
It starts at half past ten. (10:30 pm).

There it is guys! Now you know how to say the time in Portuguese.

Now it’s your turn!

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See you soon!
Kisses from Rio & Learn!

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