Hotel in Portuguese

6 de December de 2016

Hi, friends! In our free Portuguese lesson today we are going to learn about the hotel in Portuguese!

Hotel in Portuguese

A hotel is a typical place to stay when you travel somewhere. If you come study Portuguese in Brazil, you’ll need to know everything about the hotel in Portuguese, right?

Hotel in Portuguese. The hotel: O hotel.

The reception in Portuguese: A recepção.

The receptionist in Portuguese: A recepcionista.

The concierge in Portuguese: o concierge

 The doble bed in Portuguese: a cama de casal.

 The single bed in Portuguese: a cama de solteiro.

The suite in Portuguese: a suíte.

The bathroom in Portuguese: o banheiro.

The safe in Portuguese: o cofre.

The room maid in Portuguese: A camareira.

The bar in Portuguese: o bar.

The fridge in Portuguese: o frigobar.

The room service in Portuguese: o serviço de quarto.

The bellboy in Portuguese: o mensageiro de hotel.

The reservation in Portuguese: a reserva.

The guest in Portuguese: o hóspede/ a hóspede.

Vocabulary list

O hotel The hotel
A recepção The reception
A recepcionista The receptionist
O concierge The concierge
A cama de solteiro The single bed
A cama de casal The double bed
A suíte The suite
O banheiro The bathroom
O cofre The safe
A camareira The room maid
O serviço de quarto The room service
O bar The bar
O frigobar The fridge
O mensageiro de hotel The bellboy
A reserva The reservation
O hóspede / A hóspede The guest

Pronunciation of hotel vocabulary in Portuguese

Now let’s hear the pronunciation of the words you’ve just learned. Don’t forget to repeat the word afterwards and keep on saying it.

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What to say in hotel?

Serviço de hotel, mensageiro de hotel, cama de casal... You already know the vocabulary, I know. You’ve practiced a lot, congratulations :), but once you’re there, do you know what to say? Here are some expressions about staying in a hotel in Portuguese that you’ll use for sure and that should help you a lot!

Gostaria de fazer uma reserva. I would like to make a reservation.
Vocês têm vaga para — pessoa (s) para o dia — ? Do you have room for — person (s) for the day — ?
Eu quero um quarto para — pessoa (s) para — noites. I want a room for — persons (s) for — nights.
Quanto é a diária? How much is it per night?
Vocês têm serviço de quarto? Do you have room service?
O café-da-manhã está incluído? Is breakfast included?
Vocês permitem animais de estimação? Do you allow pets?

A game for hotel vocabulary in Portuguese

Here’s a challenge for you. To improve your skills and practice even more, let’s play a game with hotel vocabulary in Portuguese. Can you say the name of the images that we are going to show to you?

[quiz-cat id=”113076″]

Alright then! Which is the best hotel you have ever been to? Have you ever been to a hotel in Rio?

Well, hurry up and make your reservation! We’re looking forward to having you here. And don’t forget to come by and say hi to us at Rio & Learn.
See you soon!

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