Hi guys! Ready for one more Dica? Today we are going to study the parts of the house in Portuguese. Did you ever stop to think how we can talk about our homes in Portuguese? What is your favorite part of your house? Is there anything you would like to change in it? Do you have someone that always wait for you to come home? It’s easy to say welcome home in Portuguese: bem vindo a casa!

Did you know there is no difference between house and home in Portuguese? We have two words that we often use for house: casa e lar. But both are synonymous in our daily life, so you can just choose whichever you like more to use!

Come with us to learn more about this vocabulary!

Rooms of the House in Portuguese

vocabulary about house in portuguese - sala de estar

Sala de Estar Living Room

We have another Dica in which you can find all the vocabulary for the Living Room in Portuguese.

Sala de Jantar Dining Room

In a typical Brazilian house the dining room and the kitchen are together, or like in the image, the living room and the dining room are together.

vocabulary about house in portuguese - quarto

Quarto Bedroom

Would you like to learn more about the bedroom in Portuguese? Check our Dica!

vocabulary about house in portuguese - cozinha

Cozinha Kitchen

Take a look at this kitchen vocabulary and learn more.

vocabulary about house in portuguese - banheiro

Banheiro Bathroom

Practice the pronunciation of the bathroom vocabulary in Portuguese with us!

vocabulary about house in portuguese - varanda

Varanda Balcony

Most apartments have a nice balcony to see the horizon! What about you? Do you like balconies?

Escritório Office

Most of the Brazilian houses don’t have an office or a working space, but it’s still possible to find some.

Garagem Garage


Examples of House in Portuguese

Sempre que o meu pai chega em casa, eu o recebo na porta dizendo: bem-vindo!
Whenever my dad comes home, I greet him at the door saying: welcome home!

Meu cômodo favorito na minha casa é a cozinha!
My favorite room in my house is the kitchen!

Você estuda português online no seu quarto?
Do you study Portuguese online in your bedroom?

Meu banheiro tem uma banheira bem grande.
My bathroom has a very large bathtub.

Eu estudo todos os dias na sala para o meu exame do CELPE-Bras.
I study every day in the living room for my CELPE-Bras exam.

Eu quero um apartamento que tenha garagem no subsolo.
I want an apartment that has a basement garage.


Pronunciation of the House in Portuguese

Now, let’s listen and practice the sounds of the parts of the house in Portuguese. You will be able to welcome everyone home next time!

Exercises about House in Portuguese

Can you guess what part of the house we are talking about? Read the description and tell us:

  1. Nesta parte da casa tem uma pia, um chuveiro, um armário com um espelho e um vaso sanitário.
  2. Nesta parte da casa tem um grande sofá e uma televisão. Também almofadas e um tapete.
  3. Nesta parte da casa tem uma pia com um longo balcão, uma geladeira e um fogão.
  4. Nesta parte da casa tem um guarda-roupas, uma mesa de cabeceira, uma abajur e uma cama.


That’s it guys! Now you know everything related to home in Portuguese! So, is your house big or small? What would you change if you could? What are the parts of your house? Don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time!
Bye bye!


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  1. Banheiro
  2. Sala de estar
  3. Cozinha
  4. Quarto

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