House in Portuguese

example of phrasing using home in portuguese: eu adoro a varanda da minha casa.

Hi guys! Ready for one more Dica? Today we are going to study the parts of the house in Portuguese. Can you talk in Portuguese about your favorite room in your home? Let’s take a look at them and learn more! By the end of this lesson, you will even know how to provide a warm welcome for your loved ones in Portuguese!

Did you know there is no difference between house and home in Portuguese? We have two words that we often use for house: casa e lar. But both are synonymous in our daily life, so you can just choose whichever you like more to use!

A casaSingular, Feminine
O larSingular, Masculine

Come with us to learn more about this vocabulary!

Sala de Estar (Living Room)

A sala de estarLiving room

The living room is the central space within a home where people can gather, relax, and engage in various activities. Most houses in Brazil have two rooms in one: the living room and the dining room! We have another Dica in which you can find all the vocabulary for the living room in Portuguese.

the living room is a part of the house in portuguese

Cozinha (Kitchen)

A cozinhaKitchen

Alright, so the kitchen is where all the tasty magic happens! It’s the heart of the home, where you whip up delicious meals, brew that perfect cup of coffee, or even experiment with new recipes. For Brazilians, it’s the heart of the house, where we cook our delicious typical food. Take a look at this kitchen vocabulary in Portuguese and learn more.

kitchen in portuguese and its objects

Quarto (Bedroom)

O quartoBedroom

Picture this: a bedroom is like your own little sanctuary, a cozy cave where you can escape from the chaos of the world. In Brazil, we often don’t have heater (save for a few really cold regions), but we need a air conditioning all year long. Would you like to learn more about the bedroom in portuguese? Check our Dica.

objects in the bedroom in portuguese: ar condicionado, luminária, mesa de cabeceira, cama, cortina e janela.

Banheiro (Bathroom)

O banheiroThe bathroom

Alright, let’s talk about the bathroom, that quirky little room we all need! For Brazilians, this room is very important, since we are almost obsessed with hygiene. Practice the pronunciation of the bathroom vocabulary in Portuguese with us!

part of the home in portuguese: bathroom or banheiro

Escritório (Office)

O escritórioOffice

Alright, let’s dive into the whimsical world of the office! Most Brazilian houses don’t have an office. Brazilians usually buy their houses taking into account how many people will live in it and how many bedrooms are needed. It wasn’t really common to have home office working as well. Are you lucky to have an office in your house? If you want to read more about this room, we have a Dica just about it.

Varanda (Balcony)

A varandaBalcony

The balcony is one of these needed places in a Brazilian house. Since it can be very hot here, it’s a place to relax and feel the breeze during the day! Are balconies common in your country as well?

example of balcony or varanda in portuguese

Garagem (Garage)

A garagemGarage

These days, most people in Brazil live in an apartment. So, what happens to the garage? When it’s possible, buildings tend to have collective garages. Sometimes these garages have a designated place for each apartment, in others, whoever arrives first puts it where they want.

What is a Maid’s Room?

O quarto de empregadaMaid’s room

The concept of “quarto de empregada” (maid’s room) is quite popular in Brazilian houses. It refers to a designated room within a residence specifically intended for live-in domestic help or maids. Traditionally, this room was intended to provide a separate living space for domestic workers, allowing them to stay in the household to perform their duties.

The quarto de empregada typically includes a small bedroom with basic furniture such as a bed, wardrobe, and sometimes a small desk. It may also have an attached bathroom, although this may vary depending on the size and layout of the house. The room is usually located closer to the kitchen.

However, it’s important to note that the concept of a quarto de empregada has become less prevalent in recent years, as societal norms and living arrangements have evolved. Many modern homes now feature more flexible spaces that can be adapted for various purposes, such as guest rooms, home offices, or additional bedrooms.

It’s worth mentioning that the term “quarto de empregada” has different connotations and perceptions, as it reflects a historical social dynamic related to domestic work. The discussion around this concept raises important considerations about labor rights, inequality, and evolving societal values.

Examples of House in Portuguese

Sempre que o meu pai chega em casa, eu o recebo na porta dizendo: bem-vindo!
Whenever my dad comes home, I greet him at the door saying: welcome home!

Meu cômodo favorito na minha casa é a cozinha!
My favorite room in my house is the kitchen!

Você estuda português online no seu quarto?
Do you study Portuguese online in your bedroom?

Meu banheiro tem uma banheira bem grande.
My bathroom has a very large bathtub.

Eu estudo todos os dias na sala para o meu exame do CELPE-Bras.
I study every day in the living room for my CELPE-Bras exam.

Eu quero um apartamento que tenha garagem no subsolo.
I want an apartment that has a basement garage.

Let’s Practice House in Portuguese

House Vocabulary in Portuguese

Cool, right? Here is the vocabulary about home in Portuguese we have just learned:

A casa / O larHouse / Home
A sala de estarThe living room
A sala de jantarThe dining room
O quartoThe bedroom
A cozinhaThe kitchen
O banheiroThe bathroom
O escritórioThe office
A garagemThe garage

Welcome Home in Portuguese!

Let’s learn a few interesting expressions about our home in Portuguese, so we can learn how to welcome people into them!

Bem vindo ao lar!Welcome home!
Ficar em casaStay at home
Estar em casaBe at home

Now it’s your turn!

Can you guess what part of the house we are talking about? Read the description and tell us:

  1. Nesta parte da casa tem uma pia, um chuveiro, um armário com um espelho e um vaso sanitário.
  2. Nesta parte da casa tem um grande sofá e uma televisão. Também almofadas e um tapete.
  3. Nesta parte da casa tem uma pia com um longo balcão, uma geladeira e um fogão.
  4. Nesta parte da casa tem um guarda-roupas, uma mesa de cabeceira, uma abajur e uma cama.

That’s it guys! Now you know how to welcome home your loved one in Portuguese! So, is your house big or small? Can you talk a bit about the parts of your home in Portuguese? Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and see you next time!
Bye bye!

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  1. Banheiro
  2. Sala de estar
  3. Cozinha
  4. Quarto

This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese) Español (Spanish)

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