How are the Cariocas like? Cariocas adoram beber caipirinha.

What do you know about the Cariocas? How are the Cariocas like?
Listen to the Cariocas song and help us complete the lyrics with the missing word. If you can make it, you’ll learn more about how the Cariocas are:

How are the Cariocas like?

Espertos Alegres Modernos Claros Sacanas
Bonitos Diretos Atentos Bacanas Dourados


Adriana Calcanhotto

Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas não gostam de dias nublados

Cariocas nascem bambas
Cariocas nascem craques
Cariocas têm sotaque
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são _____________
Cariocas são tão sexys
Cariocas são tão _____________
Cariocas não gostam de sinal fechado

Did you notice that all the missing words are adjectives? Here is the translation, in case it helps:



(Adriana Calcanhotto)

Cariocas are beautiful
Cariocas are nice
Cariocas are slick
Cariocas are golden
Cariocas are modern
Cariocas are smart
Cariocas are direct
Cariocas don’t like cloud days

Cariocas are born bohemian
Cariocas are born craques (Very good at football)
Cariocas have accent
Cariocas are happy
Cariocas are attentive
Cariocas are so sexy
Cariocas are so clear
Cariocas don’t like red traffic light

Now it’s your turn!

What about your country/city?
What are the characteristics of the people?

See you in the next Portuguese lesson!

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  1. Bonitos
  2. Bacanas
  3. Sacanas
  4. Dourados
  5. Modernos
  6. Espertos
  7. Diretos
  8. Alegres
  9. Atentos
  10. Claros