How to order coffee in Brazil

Como pedir um café en Brasil 5 Formas diferentes de pedir un café en Brasil de más formal a más informal: Por favor, você poderia me trazer um café? Queria um café, por favor. Eu quero um café. Me vê um café. Um cafezinho!

Hello friends! Today we are going learn more about coffee. If you would like to learn how to order coffee in Brazil or in Portuguese, our Dica for today will help you!

Learn how to order a coffee in Brazil

Coffee is a very important product in Brazil for its economy and culture. Brazilians drink lots of coffee and it’s very common to get invited to drink a cup of coffee and to talk. So, if you like coffee you must learn how to order a coffee in Brazil like a true Brazilian. If you want to know about Brazilian coffee’s history and best brands, click here. Check out our friend asking for one:

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In Portuguese, there are many ways in which you can order a coffee: from the most formal to the most informal. Let’s take a look at some sentences below to know which are formal and informal.

How to order coffee in Brazil formally

Por favor, você poderia me trazer um café?
Please, could you bring me a coffee?

Queria um café, por favor.
I would like a coffee please.

How to order coffee in Brazil informally

Eu quero um café.
I want a coffee.

Me vê um café.
Give me a coffee.

Um cafezinho!
One small coffee!

Types of coffee 

We have many different types of coffee, right? So you must know exactly which one you want and how to ask for it! Come study Portuguese in Brazil and we’ll drink great coffee together!

If you want to drink a espresso, you should ask for a café expresso. café carioca is a weaker small black coffee, it’s a good order for those who don’t like strong coffee. If you want a coffee with milk you should as for a média and if you want a coffee with just a drop of milk you should ask for a pingado. While a Brazilian style cappuccino is: coffee, milk, chantilly cream and cinnamon.

Very important: if you like to have your coffee black you must ask for café puro and if you want to add milk you should ask for leite.

Drinking coffee is way better if you eat something great with it. Drinking coffee with a piece of cake or a pão de queijo it’s an amazing combination that you definitely need to try! (Pão de queijo is so important in Brazil that is a must eat!)

Okay, we hope that you are enjoying our Dicas.
Don’t forget to watch our other videos about coffee in the related Dicas below. And come drink coffee with us during one of our classes 😉 !

Until next week with more Dicas!

Hugs from Brazil!

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