How to say Thank you in Portuguese. Luana: Muito Obrigada!

Hi guys! Today we will teach you how to say Thank You in Portuguese! Ready? Let’s go!

In Portuguese, a man should say Obrigado or Brigado (informally), and a woman should say Obrigada or Brigada (informally). Easy right?

But there are also a few variations of these words. If you want to say a big Thank You you should say Brigadão or Muito Obrigado. We also use the informal word Valeu when we talk to a friend or family.

Now let’s see some of these words applied in real life situations:

How to say Thank you in Portuguese

How to say Thank You in Portuguese. Greg: Obrigado!


Greg: Oi, eu quero um pingado, por favor.
Atendente: Aqui está.
Greg: Obrigado.

Greg: Hi, I want a pingado, please.
Atendente: Here it is.
Greg: Thank you.

How to say thank you in Portuguese. Derek: Valeu!


Derek: Luana, você pode me emprestar R$1,00?
Luana: Toma aqui. Mas vê se devolve, hein!
Derek: Valeu!

Derek: Can  I borrow R$1,00?
Luana: Here it is. But give it back to me!
Derek: Thanks!

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Kisses and hugs from Brazil.

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