Independence Day in Brazil. Independência ou Morte!

Independence Day in Brazil

How are you doing, everyone? Today our A Dica do Dia is filled with history and culture. Let’s learn about the Independence Day in Brazil.

History of the Independence

The Independence of Brazil was proclaimed on September 7th of the year 1822 by the Prince Dom Pedro I, on the river Ipiranga, in São Paulo. At that time, Brazil was a colony of Portugal and paid very high taxes to the Crown, or Royal Family. The economic situation was bad and the industry would not develop.

In 1808, after Napoleon’s attack on Portugal, the Portuguese royal family fled to Brazil and decided to establish here a new economic model. But this would not be possible if Brazil was still a colony of Portugal. Dom Pedro I decided that Brazil needed to get out of the hands of Portugal so he signed treaties of commerce and navigation, opening opportunities to do business with other countries, for example, England.

Knowing this, Portugal demanded that Dom Pedro I should return to his family, but he didn’t follow orders. He said that for the good and prosperity of the nation it is best if he stayed in Brazil. And so, in 1822, he proclaimed independence.

The Military Parade

Dia da Independência do Brasil. O Desfile de 7 de setembro.

On the 7th of September, Brazilians usually go to the streets to celebrate wearing clothes with the colors of the Brazilian flag. We have the big Military Parade  in Brasilia, the capital, with the presence of the President and each city also has its own parade. Here in Rio de Janeiro, for instance, the parade takes place at Centro, on Avenida Presidente Vargas. It’s a parade with lots of music and patriotic spirit and people come from all parts of the city to see.

The Civic Parade

Another very common tradition on the Independence Day in Brazil is the Civic Parade. It takes place in various areas of the city, counting with the participation of students from all the schools in each region.

In it, students should wear the uniform of their respective school and make artistic performances, with ribbons or juggling acts, to the sound of the music played by the school band.
The Civic Parade is a competition between schools to see which one has a prettier presentation. The award is defined by the association of local residents, which can be new equipment for the winning school or sports investments.

Being a holiday, many Brazilians do not work. So it’s common to see families together, having a picnic in places like Quinta da Boa Vista or the Bosque da Barra.

So this is the Independence Day in Brazil. What about in your countries, people?
Do you also celebrate the Independence Day? How?

Good to see you again, guys!
A big hug from Rio & Learn!


Desfile Cívico
Banda Escolar
Civic Parade
School Band
To Proclaim
To Conquer

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