Brazil Independence Day

7 de September de 2016

Hello, everyone! How are you today? Ready for a Dica filled with history and culture? Let’ talk about the Brazilian national day. Be ready to say “Happy Independence Day in Brazil’ on September 7th! Do you know when did Brazil gain Independence from Portugal? Today we are going to understand one of the most important days in Brazilian history: the Independence Day in Brazil. Here you’ll learn about Brazil independence timeline, independence celebrations, Brazil independence war and who declare Brazilian independence from Portugal. Check it out!


Brazil Independence History

Let’s starting with Brazil Independence day history: The year was 1822, it was proclaimed on September 7thย by the Portuguese prince Pedro I, on the banks of the Ipiranga river, in Sรฃo Paulo. Pedro I was the son of King Joรฃo VI, left here in Brazil to be the ruler and representative of his country and family to create a legacy. In that moment, the economic situation was bad and the industry would not develop.

Since the Portuguese royal family arrived in Brazil and based in Rio de Janeiro, the King Joรฃo VI stayed in Brazil ruling his country from distance with help from the British crown. Many people were dissatisfied with British interference and demanded the return of the king, who left his son Dom Pedro de Alcรขntara (Pedro I) as prince regent and ruler of Brazil. He was the one who declared Brazil’s independence from Portugal.


What happened before Brazilian Independence

During the French Revolution, Napoleon ordered other countries in Europe to close their ports to British shipping. At that time Portugal had a trade treaty with England and so they refused to follow Napoleon’s orders. He decided to invade and conquer Portugal and so, the Royal Family sought refuge in Brazilian lands.

When arriving in Brazil, in 1808, the Royal Family took the first step towards independence. The regent Joรฃo VI opened trade at the Brazilian ports for several nations worldwide, creating many possibilities of trade. This was known as the primeiro grito de independรชncia (first cry for independence). At that period, Rio de Janeiro was still the capital of Brazil and Joรฃo VI started a renovation in the marvelous city that lasted until 1815. Rio stopped being an exploration zone and started to be the political and economic center of the country.

The Portuguese politicians started a revolution attempting to bring the regent Joรฃo VI back to Portugal. In the first months of 1821 when he left Brazil with son Pedro I as the new regent, the revolution created a financial crisis in Brazil. Pedro I, trying to save the country’s condition, took steps in favor of the people, that were against the Portuguese politicians’ interests.

Pedro I: the one who declared independence for Brazil

As princeregent and ruler of Brazil, Pedro I lowered the taxes and made the Brazilian military forces as important as the Portuguese ones. Therefore, Portuguese politicians tried expel him from Brazil, just like they did to their father. However, after much political fighting, on the 9th of January, Pedro I stated that he would stay in Brazil. This day became known as Dia do Fico (“I Shall Stay” Day).

He started a pro-independence movement with the aid of Brazilian politicians. Finally on September 7th of 1822, Pedro I was in a trip to Sรฃo Paulo, and asย  you already know, there he proclaimed Brazil’s independence from Portugal. What you might not know is that there was a Brazilian war of independence after the proclamation.

The war between the new Brazilian Empire and the United Kingdom of Portugal happened from February 1822 until March 1824 with our victory, when Portuguese forces surrendered giving Brazil independence from Portugal.

Timeline Brazil Independence 1808 until 1824

The Independence Day Military Parade

Every year, on Septemberย 7, groups go to the streets for the Brazil Independence Day celebration, wearing clothes with the colors of the Brazilian flag. We have a big Military Parade in Brasilia, the capital, with the presence of the President and each city also has its own parade. Here in Rio de Janeiro, for instance, the parade takes place atย Centro, at Avenida Presidente Vargas. It’s a parade with lots of music and patriotic spirit and people come from all parts of the city to see.

Military Parade Independence Day in Brazil
Thyago Medeiros, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Independence Day Civic Parade

Another very common tradition on the Independence Day in Brazil is the Civic Parade. It takes place in various areas of the city, counting with the participation ofย students from all the schools in each region.

In it, students should wear the uniform of their respective school and make artistic performances, with ribbons or juggling acts,ย to the sound of the music played by the school band.
The Civic Parade is a competition between schools to see which one has a prettier presentation. The award is defined by the association of local residents, which can beย new equipment for the winning school or sports investments.

Being a holiday, many Brazilians are released from work every year in Brazil independence date. So it’s common to see families together, having a picnic in places like Quinta da Boa Vista or the Bosque da Barra.

So this is the history and celebrations of Independence Day in Brazil! Are you curious about the places we’ve been talking in this Dica? You can visit some museums with us in a RioLIVE! Activity. Come study with us in our school in Copacabana and learn history while practicing the Portuguese language!

No tell us how it is in your country. Do you have a celebration like this one? Is it a national holiday? How do you celebrate? Go to our Facebook Page and tell us your story of celebrations.

Happy Independence Day, Brazil!
A big hug fromย Rio & Learn!


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