Intensive Portuguese Courses

12 de April de 2019

You keep looking for Portuguese courses but all of them take too long to really learn the language, right? You want to find intensive Portuguese courses but don’t know where to start. Well, the best way to learn as fast as you can, it is to study in an intensive Portuguese course in Brazil or in a Portuguese speaking country.

Intensive Portuguese Courses

As we have seen in our previous Dica about learning Portuguese in Brazil, studying a language in a country that speaks the language is always the best way, since you are going to be really immersed in it. An intensive Portuguese class will give you tons of opportunities to speak and it will teach you a huge amount of Portuguese in a very short period.

Studying two to four hours a week is going to make the process of learning slower. Therefore the best idea would be to study many hours every day. Here at Rio & Learn, we have different types of intensive Portuguese courses so if you want to learn fast, take a look.

Portuguese Immersion Courses

Intensive Portuguese Courses

You’ll learn Portuguese in real situations and practice with real people. Your teacher will take you to different parts of Rio de Janeiro and create a variety of opportunities for you to speak. We’ll teach you not only the language but also the local culture, and by the end of your course you’ll feel a bit more Brazilian.

Imagine yourself having lunch with your teacher while practicing Portuguese in a really nice environment. You are going to be jaw dropped with this Portuguese immersion class.

Intensive Portuguese Courses for Business

As intensive as the immersion courses, the LiveBusiness! course is perfect for professionals with business purposes who want to learn as fast as possible. Brazil has a giant economy and to have a better understanding of the people in your professional field it’s very important to speak Portuguese. Besides preparing your Portuguese, LiveBusiness! will bring you a wide view on how Brazilian professionals think.

The Portuguese classes will be focuses or your business vocabulary needs and communication related to your company. We’ll organize your classes to attend your professional needs. But for us to do so, you need to tell us in what working areas you’d like to improve your Portuguese. Our teacher are going to prepare special topics related to them.

The teacher is able to accompany the student to the places of the student’s choice, learning expressions, phrases and vocabulary while immersed in real-life situations, such as their own company or work place. We can also send a teacher to your workplace on ourΒ In-company Business Classes.Β Just let us know where it is and we’ll be there.

Portuguese Group Course

Intensive Portuguese Courses

In case you have a smaller budget but still want to study Portuguese, our group lessons will help you. Four hours of classes a day, every day, with a lot of interaction with other students. Even though these lessons are not as effective as the previous ones, you’re still going to learn pretty fast.

All our intensive Portuguese courses includes the RioLIVE! Activities, which are a great opportunity to put into practice everything you have learnt. Every day you are going to visit a different place or do a different activity with a teacher always by your side, motivating you to speak. They will greatly increase your contact with Portuguese.

Contact us for more information about the intensive Portuguese Course that best suits you and we’ll be pleased to help.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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