Example with IR Verbs Past Tense: Eles sorriram para a foto.

Hey friends! Today is a great day for one more free Portuguese lesson, right? This time we are going to talk about IR Verbs in the Past Tense in Portuguese!

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IR Verbs in Portuguese

Let’s go back a little bit… Do you remember that in Portuguese we classify the verbs by their terminations? That way we have AR verbs, ER verbs and what we are going to study today: IR verbs.

We already learned how to talk about the IR Verbs in the present tense, and you can read all about it in this Dica. Now we are going to focus on the past of these verbs.

Comparing different verbs that use the same conjugation (IR) can help us to identify some rules and tips. So let’s compare the past of the verbs abrir (to open), partir (to leave) and dividir (to share):

Eu Abri Parti Dividi
Você Abriu Partiu Dividiu
Ele/ela Abriu Partiu Dividiu
Nós Abrimos Partimos Dividimos
Vocês Abriram Partiram Dividiram
Eles/elas Abriram Partiram Dividiram

Here we can identify the terminations that will always be the same for the regular IR verbs in the past tense. If you want to learn more Portuguese IR verbs, click here.


As escolas abriram semana passada.
The schools opened last week.

Nós partimos do Rio, mas vamos fazer um curso de Português online.
We left Rio, but we will study Portuguese online. 

Sempre nos divertimos muito nas Atividades RioLIVE!
We always have fun with RioLIVE! Activities! 

Exercise for IR Verbs in the Past Tense

Now it’s time for you to practice. Take a look at this image, choose the verb and the person and create sentences. Feel free to use different words. At the end of this Dica you’ll find some answers.

Exercise with IR verbs in the past tense. Eu, você, ela, nós, vocês, eles -> abrir, dividir, partir, assistir, dividir, sorrir -> janela, televisão, Brasil, viajar, foto, comida.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Dica.

See you in the next one!


Ler esta Dica em Português   Leer esta Dica en Español
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  1. Eu abri a janela porque estava calor.
  2. Ontem você não dividiu sua comida comigo.
  3. Ela partiu do Brasil, mas está louca para voltar.
  4. Nós assistimos ao filme juntos semana passada.
  5. Vocês decidiram viajar e não me avisaram.
  6. Eles sorriram para a foto na frente da escola.

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