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MAC - Niterói

With an early start from Rio de Janeiro, we took the ferry across Guanabara Bay to Niteroi. After a quick tour of the commercial center, where we learned about Oscar Niemeyer, we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. There, we had the very special experience of witnessing the opening of a new exhibition entitled Yve Marãey alongside the subjects of that exhibition, the Guarani Mbya people. After concluding the cultural segment of our day, we took a “gentle” hike, ascending over 200 meters to the peak of Costão de Itacoatiara, where we enjoyed breathtaking views. After our hard work, we made our way to Praia Itacoatiara to reward ourselves with some much-deserved caipirinhas, sandwiches, and mate. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun, the surf, and the great company. Thanks to Diogo for showing all us “kids” the other side of the bay!

Lorilea Zabadal, United States

No topo do Costão de Itacoatiara - RJ

Visiting Niterói is a journey into the heart of Brazilian culture and creativity, where modern architecture harmonizes with natural beauty. A must-see destination is the Caminho Niemeyer, a waterfront promenade adorned with the visionary designs of Brazil’s famed architect, Oscar Niemeyer. Along this path, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) stands as a beacon of artistic innovation, its futuristic curves echoing the surrounding landscape. Venturing further, the rugged beauty of Costão de Itacoatiara beckons adventurous souls. This imposing cliff, rising majestically from the sea, offers breathtaking views and exhilarating hiking trails. At its base lies Praia de Itacoatiara, a pristine stretch of golden sand embraced by lush greenery. Here, the rhythmic pulse of the ocean invites visitors to relax, surf, or simply bask in the sun. In Niterói, each step reveals a tapestry of modernity and nature intertwined, inviting exploration and enchantment in equal measure.

Itacoatiara beach - Niterói

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Teatro popular de Niterói

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