Just Chilling at the MAC

Relajándonos en el MAC en un clima bien divertido y con un sol espectacular.

Voll die schöne Bootsfahrt mit Ausblick auf die Bucht von Rio und Niterói. Außerdem ein Museum mit bombastischer Lage (eignet sich gut für Fotos) aber merkwürdiger Kunst 😀 ich empfehle etwas mehr Zeit auch für den Strand oder für einen Caipirinha einzuplanen 😉

Lena Rickenberg, Germany

RioLIVE! - Student enjoying the view at the fullest at the Museum of Contemporary art of Niterói. Oscar Niemeyer's project. Perfect day.
Can I enjoy the view somehow more?


Just chilling at the MAC is how we have decided to spend our afternoon after class. Nobody expects to have such an outstanding view during the ferry trip. Falling in love with the view is easy, because the beauty of it all is revealed little by little. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói was designed by the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, deceased in 2012. It’s like Oscar knew how the visit was going to go down.

RioLIVE! - Good looking couple at Niterói. Couple enjoying vacation at the Museum of Contemporary art of Niterói. Oscar Niemeyer's project. Perfect day.
Coolest couple ever caught on camera !

One of the current expositions has a big room full of hammocks , books and acoustic guitars where we can stretch and spend some time just chilling at the MAC, literally. None of the students had visited this unique jewel of Rio de Janeiro region. Therefore, it was a day to remember. Most importantly, you will feel like moving here next to us. See you back in Rio  <3

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