Karaoke night at São Cristóvão Market

Great time

Dancing, karaoke, bars, restaurants, live music…São Cristóvão has it all! I had so much fun here. Each corridor in this indoor arena has something exciting and different happening. There is something for everyone! If you want to experience the vibrant culture and nightlife of the North East you have to visit! I hope to go again soon!

Fabio Brady, United Kingdom

São cristóvão market people having fun
Getting prepared for Karaoke!

Last Friday we had a great time together at RioLIVE!. Karaoke night at São Cristóvão Market with great food, dancing Forró and singing Brazilian songs at Karaoke, having fun while we were improving our Portuguese language skills! The venue Centro Municipal Luiz Gonzaga de Tradições Nordestinas (Feira de São Cristóvão) became so important to Northeastern traditions!

Did you like the Karaoke night at São Cristóvão Market center of Tradições Nordestinas? If so, enjoy with us on our next RioLIVE!

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