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Hey friends, are you ok? How about learning a little bit more Brazilian Portuguese thanks to our free online lessons? Today we will learn about what we use in the kitchen in Portuguese.


Vocabulary for the kitchen in Portuguese

A porta Door
O vaso de plantas Plant vase
A janela Window
As garrafas Bottles
A escumadeira e a concha Skimmer and ladle
O copo Glass
A pia da cozinha Kitchen sink
O balcão da pia Sink counter
A panela Pan (saucepan)
O fogão Stove
A mesa da cozinha Kitchen table
A chaleira Kettle
A xícara Cup
A toalha de mesa Tablecloth
A geladeira Refrigerator
A fruteira Fruit bowl
O garfo Fork
A faca Knife
A colher Spoon
Os talheres Cutlery
A tigela Bowl
A taça Glass (wine glass )
A caneca Mug
A louça Dinnerware
O liquidificador Blender
A tábua de cortar Chopping board
O ralador Grater


Verbs for the kitchen in Portuguese

cozinhar to cook cortar to cut
adicionar to add amassar to knead
assar to roast / bake bater to whisk
bater no liquificador to blend cozinhar a vapor to steam
derreter to melt descascar to peel
descongelar to defrost desossar to bone
diluir to dilute encher to fill
engrossar to thicken esquentar to heat
estender to roll out ferver to boil
fritar to fry grelhar to grill
misturar to mix moer to grind / to mince 
molhar to soak partir em dois to halve
picar to chop quebrar to break
ralar to grate refogar to stir-fry
remover to remove salpicar to sprinkle
secar to dry temperar to season

Now it’s time to practice your pronunciation. Listen to the audio below and repeat the words after us to practice your pronunciation.

If you want to learn how to cook in Portuguese, come to our Brazilian cooking class! Check out our students learning how to cook Brazilian food here.

Now, let’s take a look at some sentence structures using the kitchen vocabulary:

Examples for talking about the kitchen in Portuguese

1 – As pessoas entram na cozinha pela porta.
1 – The people enter the kitchen through the door.

2 – Há um vaso de flores na janela da cozinha.
2 – There is a vase of flowers on the kitchen window sill. 

3 – Há garrafas na cozinha.
3 – There are some bottles in the kitchen.

4 – Usamos a escumadeira e a concha para pegar a comida.
4 – We use the skimmer and the ladle for removing food (from the pan).

5 – Eu bebo água no copo.
5 – I drink water from a glass.

6 – Devemos lavar os alimentos na pia da cozinha.
6 – We should wash the food in the kitchen sink.

7 – O copo está no balcão da pia.
7 – The glass is on the sink counter.

8 – A panela está no fogão.
8 – The pan is on the stove.

9 – Há uma chaleira e uma xícara em cima da mesa da cozinha.
9 – There is the kettle and a cup on the kitchen table.

10 – A toalha de mesa da cozinha é azul.
10 – The kitchen table cloth is blue.

11 – A água gelada está na geladeira.
11 – The chilled water is in the fridge.

12 – As frutas estão na fruteira.
12 – The fruit is in the fruit bowl.


Now it’s your turn!

Describe what your kitchen is like! What does it have in it? What do you want to buy for your kitchen? Quick tip: to answer this you’ll have to use the verbs ter and ser. Did you know that we have a kitchen in our Portuguese language school too?


Don’t leave quite yet. We still have one more exercise for you to practice. Have a go at this quick quiz and tell us what you see in the pictures:

How was it, folks? Are you ready to talk about your kitchen in Portuguese?
Now we know one more part of our house, with the vocabulary and examples to describe a kitchen in Portuguese!

See you!
Hugs and kisses from Rio & Learn.

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