knowing Forró

knowing Forró

Knowing Forró.
Knowing Forró.

I don’t normally dance, but the forró class yesterday was a lot of fun. The teacher was reallyk patient and made sure that everyone got involved. I’m not sure I’ll be entering any competitions any time soon, but I definitely recommend everyone tries it at least once!

Andrew Smee, England.

Knowing the Brazilian culture is one of the RioLIVE!‘s goals, and knowing forró is easier to reach one of these goals. So we met at Rio & Learn to know forró. A very traditional musical rhythm from the northeast of Brazil,but it is present in many parties around Rio de Janeiro. Our students had the opportunity to have fun dancing and speaking Portuguese.

Our students from New Zealand, Canada, Italy, England and United States gave their best to dance and they did it very well. During the whole class, they asked many different questions about the Brazilian rhythm. Besides that, they could practice the vocabulary of the human body and also learn new words.

It was a very funny afternoon with a lot dancing, Portuguese practice and challenges. Now, everybody is ready to dance forró in any party wherever they are. Come you too to take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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