Knowing Petrópolis

Knowing Petrópolis

Knowing Petrópolis. Carriage tour in Petrópolis
Knowing Petrópolis. Carriage tour in Petrópolis.

Es war ein herrlicher Tag in Petrópolis. Zuerst sind wir mit der Pferdekutsche durch die Stadt gefahren, dann ein Museum besucht und am Ende gab es leckeres Bier bei der Bohemia Brauerei!
Vielen herzlichen Dank an Kaio, der alles organisiert hat!

Nicole Hengstmann, Germany.

Our last RioLIVE! on sunday we spent the day knowing Petropolis. It is a very beautiful city, full of interesting stories, because it is an imperial city. Besides being a historic city also has many natural beauties and beautiful houses, some with German architecture, because the Germans took part in the colonization of Petrópolis.

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The day was beautiful, perfect to enjoy all that is good there. First we did a carriage tour, knowing the main sights of Petrópolis. After the tour, we visited the Imperial Museum, which was the summer home of the family of D. Pedro II (Emperor of Brazil in times of colonization). After visiting the museum, we went to lunch because we were very hungry.

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Our next destination was the Palácio de Cristal, which was a gift from Conde D’Eu to Princess Isabel (she wrote a law that gave freedom to the slaves in Brazil). After that, we went to Cervejaria Bohemia, where we strolled to know the history of one of the best beers from Brazil. We were also able to taste  three kinds of beer. Our students were from Germany and Mexico, and for the Germans, visit Bohemia was very interesting, because the beer have a very strong connection with their country.

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