Lagoa by bike!

Lagoa by bike!

Lagoa by bike with Portuguese foreign students, at Rio de Janeiro.
Lagoa by bike!


一路湖邊美麗的風境,柔和的陽光及微風伴着我們,踏了一會兒就停下來拍拍照,把里約的風光留下. 之後同學們一起喝個大椰青,有說有笑,真是一個最好的方式來學葡語及過一個里約下午.

Queenie Lau, Hong Kong


To enjoy Lagoa by bike is one of the nicest experiences to do in Rio. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is one of the places where more Carioca’s practice sports around. You can see runners, bikers, wakeboarders, skaters, footballers, rowers… We decided for going around lagoa by bike as we were enjoying the beautiful views of the place.

We did stops in the best landscape views to relax for some while and we loose up. You could see happiness in our students faces. When we did all the lake around, we decided to drink a coconut to refresh ourselves and Jimena from Mexico couldn’t resist to eat the inside of three of the four coconuts we had. See below how to enjoy Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is.

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