Lagoa and Catacumba

Lagoa and Catacumba

Lagoa and Catacumba with our Portuguese language students.
Lagoa and Catacumba

Yesterday we visited Lagoa and Catacumba with our Portuguese language students from Switzerland, Canadá, USA and Japan. We started our visit at Parque da Catacumba where we did a nice trekking to the top of Parque da Catacumba. Even that some of our students got a little bit exhausted, once we were at the top the views of Lagoa worth it!! After seeing the views from the two miradors at the place, we went down kind of fast because the day was very hot and we wanted to refresh with some coconut water.

We sat down just next to Lagoa as we were enjoying our Água de Coco and talking Portuguese. Our student Daiki from Japan didn’t leave anything, he not just drank the coconut water, he eated the coconut too.

Once we were refreshed we rented a bike and we did all the way around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. We did some stops around in order to take pics and to enjoy the views as Lagoa give you different perspective to enjoy the city.

Our students finished our RioLIVE! at Lagoa and Catacumba very happy. Why don’t you join us on the next one?


See below more pictures of our visit at Lagoa and Catacumba:

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