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5 de September de 2016

What’s up, my friends! Today we are going to know more about the expression lanche and its definition in Portuguese. In addition, we will discover how to pronounce lanche, lanchar and lanchonete in Portuguese.

So to start our student Josh will help us in this Dica on the video below. Check this out:

Lanche in Portuguese Explanation

Hi guys! My name’s Josh and I’m a student at Rio & Learn. Well, today we have a delicious Dica for you. Do you know the word Lanche? Well, today we’ll learn the meaning of lanche in Portuguese.

Lanche is a very popular snack in Brazil. It’ can be baked, fried or even a sandwich. It’s the snack that we eat between main meals. Imagine you’re at work and you’re hungry but not quite ready for a proper meal. Well, a Lanche is the perfect solution!

There are many different types of Lanche in Brazil. You can learn about them on our Dicas about different kinds of snacks and street food in Brazil. We also use the verb Lanchar in Portuguese, which means to eat a Lanche.


The Brazilian Lanchonete

In Brazil, when we go out for a lanche, we can say “hey, guys, let’s eat at a lanchonete!”. But do you know what a lanchonete is? The simple answer is that the lanchonete is the place where we go for a lanche, the place where you can try the best  Brazilian salgados (our snacks 😉 ). You can check out this other Dica about the lanchonete! Enjoy it!

There are so many lanchonetes in Brazil, they are on almost every street and every corner (even at bus stations, gas stations and in the subway!). Most of the time Brazilians are in a hurry, therefore this is the best place to eat if you think you’re going to be late but you don’t want to go to your appointment hungry. Oh, and we also eat at a lanchonete when we leave a party, for a late night snack, or even before going to it. Well, eating is important, isn’t it?

Lanche, lanchar and lanchonete pronunciations can be a little difficult for some speakers, so we’ve made an audio for you. Let’s check it out!

Pronunciation of lanche

Pronunciation of lanchar

Pronunciation of lanchonete


Now that you’ve learned how to pronounce these three words in Portuguese, let’s practice a little with the exercise below.

Exercise with Lanche in Portuguese

Based on the Dicas above about different snacks and street food in Brazil, study the snacks listed below and match each with its relevant description:


  • Pastel de carne/queijo/frango
  • Joelho de queijo com presunto
  • Coxinha de frango
  • Bolinho de aipim com carne seca
  • Quibe


  1. É um dos mais populares lanches no Brasil. É feita de carne de frango, coberta em massa e frita. Sua forma lembra a de uma coxa de galinha, por isso a chamamos de coxinha de frango.
  2. Se você está com muita fome, você pode comer esse lanche porque é delicioso e sua massa realmente te alimenta. Feito com queijo e presunto é feito de massa e recheado.
  3. É um lanche muito famoso também. Nós geralmente comemos em feiras e bebemos caldo de cana com ele, é a combinação perfeita!
  4. É uma comida árabe que é muito famosa no Brasil. Você pode comê-lo como um salgado com fazer como um bolo. Este salgado é feito de bulgur, cebolas picadas, carne e temperos do Oriente Médio.
  5. É um dos mais populares lanches no Brasil também. Feito com carne seca é tão tradicional quanto usar havaianas.


Well, that’s it! In this Portuguese Dica we have learned the meaning of the words lanche and lanchonete in Portuguese, now you just need to buy one to fully understand! In Copacabana we have plenty of them, so you can also take some time to study Portuguese there! Cool, right? 😉

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Vamos lanchar! Bye!


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  1. Coxinha de frango
  2. Joelho de queijo e presunto
  3. Pastel de carne/queijo/frango
  4. Quibe
  5. Bolinho de aipim com carne seca