Lanche meaning in Portuguese

Lanche meaning in Portuguese. Example with the verb Lanchar in Portuguese: Vamos lanchar!
Hi guys! My name’s Josh and I’m a student at Rio & Learn.
Well, today we have a delicious Dica for you. Do you know the word Lanche? Well, today we’ll learn the Lanche meaning in Portuguese.

Lanche is a very popular meal in Brazil. It’ can be baked, fried or even a sandwich. It’s the meal that we eat between main meals. Imagine you’re at work and you’re hungry but not quite ready for a proper meal. Well, a Lanche is the perfect snack!

There are many different types of Lanche in Brazil. You can learn about them on our Dicas of different kinds of snacks and street food in Brazil.

We also use the verb Lanchar in Portuguese, which means to eat the Lanche. Well, that’s it guys! On this Dica of Portuguese for foreigners of have learned what the meaning of lanche is and now you just need to buy one. Next week we’ll show you where you can buy these delicious Lanches. Subscribe to our Channel and stay tunned!

Vamos lanchar!

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