Landscapes and Laughs at Arpoador

Students at Forte de Copacabana

Zonsondergang hier is een van de meest magische uitzichten op aarde. De rotsen beklimmen, de mist die opstijgt van de zee, de koppeltjes die elkaar knuffelen, die oranje gloed die langzaam verdwijnt in de paars-blauwe zee.. Onvergetelijk!

Patrick Van Oosterom, Netherlands

Students at Museum in Forte de Copacabana

This RioLIVE! activity was such a great time to hang with friends, to enjoy beautiful views, to discover new landscapes and to, certainly, talk a lot of Portuguese. 

Between a bunch of laughs, we had a little adventure through the museum at Forte de Copacabana, we ate salads, cakes and milkshakes at Confeitaria Colombo, and the closing was with the incredible sky at Arpoador. The teacher and students were just sitting there, admiring the colors of the sunset. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to see a sky pretty like that. 

Students watching the Sunset at Arpoador

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The sky at Arpoador

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