Lapa on Friday

21 de July de 2014

Lapa on Friday

Lapa on Friday, foreign students at Escadaria SelarΓ³n
Lapa on Friday, starting at Escadaria SelarΓ³n

What an amazing night in Lapa on Friday night!!!Β Β  We visited the Escadaria Selaron where we took pictures and listened to a man sing and play the berimbau (a single-string percussion instrument made in Brazil)Β  on the stairs.Β Β  After we went to the beautiful archs and had dinner and chopps while getting to know each other and practice our Portuguese.Β  Then we learned how to make caipirinhas in a small shop in the streets of Lapa.Β Β  We ended the night dancing samba at Rio Scenarium night club with new friends from all around the world.Β  Noite perfeito na Cidade Maravilhosa!!

Briget Nelson, USA

Lapa is a very traditional neighborhood in Rio de janeiro, specially if you are looking for some party, there you can enjoy the bohemian vibe of the city, have drinks such as the famous caipirinha and also enjoy some samba music at the clubs or even on the street.

Our students from Mexico, Norway, United States, Germany, Switzerland, France and Colombia had the chance to meet this bohemian and traditional place in Rio. They had a lot of fun visiting these famous places, The SelarΓ³n Stairway, famous for appearing in many different videoclips, The Arcs of Lapa one of the most famous landmarks in Rio de janeiro, having a nice dinner at Mem de SΓ‘ and after doing some caipirinhas with β€œRei do LimΓ£o” bar and finishing a perfect carioca night.

See pictures of our night!

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