Lapa Nightlife

22 de April de 2022
Friday night in Lapa. Lapa, Caipirinhas and Escadaria SelarΓ³n.
Friday night in Lapa. Lapa, Caipirinhas and Escadaria SelarΓ³n.

Meeting at 19:00hs at Rio & Learn
Costs: 4,60 reais (metro) + 30 reais Caipirinha’s workshop + Drinks and food (dinner) at your choice

Lapa Nightlife is a great way to get to know Rio’s authentic nightlife. Lapa is a bohemian neighborhood with colonial architecture and it is the most typical place to go to enjoy the night scene in Rio. Do you already know how to make a caipirinha by yourself? Well, we are going to be learning how to make a caipirinha, while enjoying a great day talking in Portuguese, visiting Escadaria SelarΓ³n and Lapa streets, and perhaps having dinner together.

Escadaria SelarΓ³n is one of the most visited places by tourists in Rio de Janeiro. This artwork became a touristic attraction not long ago. Created by the Chilean artist Jorge SelarΓ³n, the place connects the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa. Initially, the idea of the artist was to have only green, blue and yellow tiles, but today there are 250 steps measuring 125 meters long which are covered in over 2000 tiles collected from over 60 countries around the world. Shortly after one section of the steps was ‘finished’, SelarΓ³n started working on another section, constantly changing it so that it was an ever-evolving piece of art. He did his job as a tribute to the charismatic Brazilian people.

Let’s see if you can find your home country, city, or region, you could be surprised!

Lapa Nightlife


Portuguese galera at Arcos da Lapa.
Portuguese galera at Arcos da Lapa.

“A noite Γ© longa” and “A noite Γ© uma crianΓ§a” (night is still young) are expressions used by Cariocas when it is a night in Lapa. This is actually the reality of things. The neighborhood is very bohemian and has everything a person needs to have a great night out with their friends or meet new people. We will walk in the streets of Lapa and see for ourselves why locals like the place so much.

What about having dinner to the sound of samba? This is what we propose to you in order to make the night even more inviting. We will meet other locals and have the opportunity to put our Portuguese into practice. Do you like the idea? But wait, there’s more. Have you ever imagined preparing delicious caipirinhas for you and your friends? What’s stopping you? Let’s do it. The Rei do LimΓ£o (King of the Lemon) prepares the best caipirinhas in Lapa and he will be waiting for us to teach us how to prepare these famous caipirinhas. In addition to the traditional Lime flavor, we will try new fruit blends and create different drinks. After all these caipirinhas we’ll be ready for Rio night. Like I said before the nights in Rio are long. So get ready, it will be incredible!

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Caipirinhas at Lapa with Rei do LimΓ£o. Portuguese students preparing caipirinhas.
Caipirinhas at Lapa with Rei do LimΓ£o