Last samba before Christmas

Last Samba before Christmas!

Last samba before Christmas with RioLIVE! by Rio & Learn Portuguese School
Last Samba before Christmas

Last Friday we went with our students to enjoy our last samba before Christmas. We went to dance together samba with our students from Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland. This time we dance samba at Escola de Samba Mangueira. Even that the show started quite late, we were patient and we wait having some beers and Caipirinhas.

Gringos com o manto sagrado verde-e-rosa.
Before the samba show started we did this pic 

The night started with the kids of Mangueira dancing, it was an amazing moment to enjoy and our students couldn’t believe how kids can dance with such an amazing level!

Samba School kids from Mangueira
Mangueira Samba School kids

See another magic moment on this video with our students mixed up with people of Mangueira:

Samba music, bateria (drums) and happiness was around, see some more pics of our last samba before Christmas!!!

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20141221_020503 20141221_020508 20141221_020524 20141220_233135 20141221_002555 20141221_003052 20141221_003108 20141221_003424

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