Learn Portuguese in 30 days

How to learn Portuguese in a month

What do you think about learning Portuguese in just one month? Do you think it’s too short to learn Portuguese? This is impossible? Of course not! We’ll explain to you how it’s possible to learn Portuguese in this short period of time.Can you speak Spanish, Italian or French? If you are willing to learn Portuguese fast, we’ve got a way to learn Portuguese in 30 days. Knowing Spanish or a Latin related language will certainly take you to a high level of Portuguese in one month, all you have to do is follow our instructions and advice.

If you already know a Latin language, learning Portuguese fast is not a dream, it is a reality! When you already know a language of Latin origin, learning Portuguese very quickly becomes easier, as a good part of the linguistic structure is similar!

What is necessary to succeed?!

Check out our list with all you need to do to succeed, as a Latin related language speaker, in learning Portuguese in just one month:

Practice every day, 24/7

Do it in a Portuguese speaking country

Practice with the locals

Practice in real life situations

Find a Portuguese school with specialized teachers

Be sure that you have fun so you never get bored

With our Rio & Immersion course you can do all that and learn Portuguese in a month!

Learning Portuguese in 30 days in Brazil

Learning Portuguese, as any other language, requires practice, and the more you practice, the faster you learn. Studying at home and reading a lot is helpful, but not as much as really speaking Portuguese all day long, from day one. If you really want to learn Portuguese in 30 days, you must be ready to practice it every day at every opportunity you have.

Of course, to have so many opportunities to speak, it’s very important to be in a country that speaks Portuguese. Living this experience will improve your speaking skills exponentially, as well as teaching you so much about the culture and people. Sometimes when we travel with friends who speak our own language, we tend to practice less Portuguese, because it’s easier to communicate in our native language. But you are not trying to take the easy route, right? You need to be challenged. Talk to your friends in Portuguese as well or you will never be fully immersed.

Another advantage of being in a Portuguese speaking country is that you will practice with real life situations and real people, these are very different from artificial simulations your teacher might ask you to do with your classmates in your country. You’ll be immersed in the Brazilian and carioca culture

Learn Portuguese in 30 days. Student and a tree at Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro.


You’ll be speaking Portuguese in no time!


Learn in a Portuguese speaking country



Learn in a Portuguese speaking country



Learn the best way you can: with natives


Explore Rio and its nature while you learn


That way you’ll learn without ever getting bored.

Learn Portuguese in 30 days with Native Teachers

And talking about teachers, we offer specialized and well prepared teachers. Practicing Portuguese with the locals is great but it’s also important to be guided by an experienced native teacher to learn Portuguese in one month, otherwise you might go out saying inappropriate things without knowing.

Learning Portuguese in 30 days takes dedication, but it doesn’t mean it has to be hard. To help you accomplish all the things that we’ve talked about, here at Rio & Learn, we offer total Immersion Classes that are super effective. These classes will expose you to Portuguese daily and provide you with all the tools you need to learn Portuguese in one month. The classes will be planned and presented in a fun way and you will feel that time flies when you are learning.

Take a look at our total Immersion Classes and learn more about them. You will learn Portuguese in just four weeks of classes studying 40 hours per week.

Are you ready to learn Portuguese faster than you could ever imagine? Let’s go! We’re waiting for you! Check out our Instagram to see what what we get up to!