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Portuguese courses in Brazil for foreigners

 Did you ever find yourself dreaming about being part of the biggest Carnival in the world? Have you ever allowed yourself to be captivated by one of the most contagious dance rhythms in the world? Will you ever meet anybody who is kinder than your Brazilian friend? Brazil is a country that you can’t talk about until you, not just see it… but really feel it. It’s a vast country with more than 200 million people, where socializing is a very important aspect of daily life. In order to socialize it’s crucial to get to know our language. To really discover the country and our people you must learn Portuguese in Brazil.

The best way to learn Portuguese in Brazil is communicating with others, socializing and practicing the language. This is why in Rio & Learn we give you the chance to study Portuguese in Brazil by becoming immersed in our culture and daily life. With Rio & Learn you will live the language and not just learn it. When you live the language you will breathe the culture. Our methodology Livelearning will help you learn Portuguese without even realizing.

To learn Portuguese in Brazil you will need to live the language and not just learn it. Once you live the language you will breathe our culture. Live like us, speak like us!

Study Portuguese in Brazil

In Rio & Learn, following our methodology Livelearning, we’d like you to study Portuguese in Brazil and feel like a Brazilian yourself, being one of us! Why do you have to be stuck inside a classroom learning the names of fruits, when you can be in a traditional fruit market with your teacher, talking to the fruit seller and the customers in Portuguese by yourself? To empower this complete immersion into the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture, we offer you free of charge, as a student of any of our Portuguese Courses our RioLIVE! Activities. Our RioLIVE! is going to help you get to know our culture and the best places in the most famous city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, nicknamed The Marvellous City, and you will do that while practicing and learning Portuguese! You can study Portuguese in Brazil and have tons of fun.

Brazilians love to always be in a good mood and have a cheerful day to day existence. We always respond to problems thinking that everything will get better and have a happy ending. This positive way of thinking is another reason why it is good to choose Brazil to learn Portuguese. In our classes Rio & Learn uses our Funlearning method so that the student learns Portuguese with a positive mentality, and without hours of tedium that would make them feel tired after a class of one or two hours. With us, you will be keen to talk more Portuguese after each class.

Another great thing related to study Portuguese in Brazil is that you can enjoy the wonderful beaches all the yearlong! That’s why the school is located in Rio de Janeiro, next to the most famous beach in the world, Copacabana. You will love our outdoor classes, on the beach learning Portuguese next to the sea, while drinking your chilled coconut water…


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study portuguese in brazil
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Beautiful German student in a Portuguese Language School in Brazil.
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Portuguese Language School in Rio de Janeiro. Foreigner students in a fun Portuguese class.
Portuguese Language School in Brazil. Learn Portuguese while you have fun.

Know more about our Portuguese Courses in Brazil

In Rio & Learn we offer you different kinds of Portuguese Courses in Brazil so that you can find the one that best adapts to you. We have a variety of options depending on your budget, availability and how long you are planning on staying in Rio de Janeiro.

To increase your Portuguese learning, our methods FunlearningLivelearning and classes are based on encouraging conversation, participation and our classes simulate real-life situations. Discover much more about how we teach our classes. Differently from other schools what we want is that once you finish your class you are already able to use at the street what you’ve just learnt in class. We don’t want you to study Portuguese at home, we want you to keep practicing your Portuguese around. We help you with that too with our RioLIVE! Activities included for all students.

On our RioLIVE! Activities you visit landmarks, go sightseeing, enjoy the best views and sunsets, discover the best spots in the city, the best beaches, the hottest places to dance, sing… live!

If you are looking for the cheapest option per hour, our Rio & Learn inGroup course is your choice. Our groups are small, maximum six people which, different from big groups, helps everybody to participate in the class and get fluent in the lesson already during the class.

If you need to learn Portuguese as soon as possible we offer you our Rio & Immersion course where you can be fluent on some weeks. This course is our most intensive and effective Portuguese course and the one with the highest satisfaction among our customers. They feel amazed on how they Portuguese evolve incredibly fast. You will lose yourself with your teacher that will take you to learn Portuguese in real situations around the city at the same time that you discover amazing places of Rio de Janeiro.

For students who want to study Portuguese in Brazil at their own pace and with personal attention, we offer our Private Classes Hour. And if you still want more flexibility you can check our Learn à la Carte private portuguese classes.

As Brazil is a giant economic market, we offer specialized business courses to learn Portuguese in Brazil for business people. Rio & Learn has a section specialized and dedicated to serving business. We offer in-company classes for managers or foreign workers to quickly learn Portuguese for business purposes. Our Rio & Business page lists all our Business Portuguese Courses to study Portuguese in Brazil.




Why we are the best place to learn Portuguese in Brazil

Now that you already know how amazing it can be to study Portuguese in Brazil, if you still don’t see why we are the best place to learn Portuguese in Brazil, we want to help you out. Rio & Learn works very differently from other schools. We want to make you learn Portuguese while having fun. Our goal is for you to be able to be independent and go around Brazil alone talking in Portuguese as soon as possible. At the end you are going to learn Portuguese so fast that you will get a great value. Our methods and classes style will make you learn Portuguese enjoying and without realizing you are learning.

Rio & Learn offers you a fantastic location to learn Portuguese in Brazil. Because Rio & Learn is in Rio de Janeiro, the most cultural, amazing and interesting city in Brazil. You can reach the best points of Rio de Janeiro easily within a few minutes walking, by bus or underground.

We are the only school that focuses all the time in practicing Portuguese giving you a complete immersion. Even on our RioLIVE! Activities we will practice and learn Portuguese all time long as time will fly by. You will study Portuguese in Brazil by talking before, after and during class in a friendly atmosphere where everybody helps and is patient and friendly as a common Brazilian.

Our classes are not just being closed on a classroom as on a common school. Our teachers will take you to learn around to be learning in real situations and encouraging you to talk with natives and with your mates to keep learning. And your teachers will be your friends, as in Rio & Learn you will feel like being a member of a big family. Where everybody helps each other and where you will come back to visit us soon and will keep in touch.

We bond with students and make new friends everyday. The old teacher-student structure is not a thing here. We are friends for life!

If you are still not sure, we are the only school in Brazil with four TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence in a row!

We hope you join the Rio & Learn family, after you try it you will like to come every year to study Portuguese in Brazil as you have fun. We are waiting for you!