Learning about Brazil Northeast Region

Aprendiendo sobre la Región Nordeste de Brasil.

I really like the concept of Rio and Learn. After the morning class we went all together to a nice place for food and drinking. So we could continue learning portuguese outdoors.

Lukas Erni, Switzerland


Ready to have a Northeastern dinner.
Ready to have a Northeastern dinner.

We pass our Friday night learning about Brazil Northeast region on our visit to Feira de São Cristóvão. We discover a lot of typical products that we didn’t know, we joked around, we danced forró and we had a great Northeastern dinner with Moqueca and Carne de Sol with Baião de Dois. Join to our RioLIVE! and have fun as you learn Portuguese.


Here we tried different kinds of cachaça flavours.
Here we tried different kinds of cachaça flavours.


More pics of our night on the Facebook sign of the album:


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