Learning Capoeira

Learning Capoeira

Our Portuguese students after learning Capoeira with Grupo Senzala and Mestre Toni
Our students after learning capoeira with Mestre Toni’s group.

I have always wanted to try Capoeira, and where is one of the best places to try…. Brasil. It was so much fun and the guys really took time to teach us and tell the story of Capoeira. There were many exercises, beautiful music and many kicks… But it is not as easy as it look, you really have to be in control but at the same loose yourself. I will definitely try it again.

Brit Ellerman Jensen, Denmark

Capoeira is an important part of Brazilian cultural heritage. Our students from US, France, Denmark, Norway and Colombia enjoyed a friendly afternoon with members of Grupo Senzala, a group of Capoeira. Mestre Toni not just showed them how to practice capoeira, but explained to them all the history of this spiritual but not religious sport/dance.  They learned what are the roots of Capoeira from African slaves until today’s.

It was good to know how important understanding between people is in capoeira, as it is like a ‘dialogue’ between people where they have to try to understand each other.

Mestre Toni answered all the questions of our students and invited them to join the group in the weekly trainings. See below a video and get to know how a Capoeira day with Rio & Learn is.



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