Learning How (NOT) to Sing

São Cristovao fair with friends

Nous sommes partis pour le RioLIVE! à São Cristovão avec notre professeur Lucas. C’était génial ! Nous avons mangé tous ensemble, passé une soirée mémorable à danser et pour finir, nous avons tous chanté pour le karaoké ! C’était une très bonne soirée et nous nous sommes tous amusés

Yoan Remia, France

having dinner and having fun with friends

On a lively stroll through the São Cristóvão market, we immersed ourselves in the richness of Northeastern Brazilian culture. We tasted lots of traditionally Brazilian dishes, while the vibrant music guided us through the bustling stalls. Even though we felt empowered by a few drinks, the karaoke proved to be a challenge, with off-key performances that elicited laughter. Amidst off-key chords and unusual flavors, the São Cristóvão market offered a memorable experience, where offbeat fun harmonized with the charms of this cultural celebration.

singing and laughing at karaoke

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public having fun at the fair

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